Igniting Young Minds

SWE Global Ambassador Archana Venkatramanan explains how she and other SWE members in India are working to ignite young minds by getting girls interested in STEM and exploring all its exciting career paths.

“Igniting Young Minds” was written by Archana Venkatramanan, SWE Global Ambassador.

Igniting Young Minds young mindsWe at SWE always believe and appreciate the power of young minds. Young minds are adaptive and have the full potential to change this world the way we want to see it. It’s never too early to introduce STEM and its related profiles to children. SWE ambassadors and volunteers from the Dow Chemical International Pvt Ltd. company in Chennai, India, visited St. Helens School to ignite young minds.

St. Helens, a government-aided school in Chennai always welcomes corporates and SWE representatives for any type of knowledge-sharing sessions. Dow India employee resource groups work in tandem with the school to teach young children every week. This builds a great opportunity for SWE members in the company to introduce the young minds to various STEM profiles.

The class of 5th grade girls were introduced to attractive career opportunities in field of science. Profiles of astronauts, pilots, radiologists, and science writers were all introduced to the children, who were very excited to hear these unexplored profiles in the field of science for the first time. While some students were curious to see pictures of women astronauts like Kalpana Chawla and Sumita Williams, some were already dreaming of flying into space in their spacesuits. Who wouldn’t like to fly a plane and to become a pilot? A few children were quite interested and continued to ask questions about things like radiography and its future.

Igniting Young Minds young mindsSWE members encouraged the little girls to pursue science for their higher education to fulfill their dreams of becoming a pilot or an astronaut or a science writer. For sure science is understanding what makes the clock tick and what makes a cat purr.

In the words of Dr. Adbul Kalam, young people need to have courage to invent, to travel in the unexplored path.

Please meet our young girls who are going to fly high with their dreams in a space shuttle or in an airplane or to become a science writer investigating various facts.

We welcome you young minds to the wonders of science.

Igniting Young Minds young minds

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