SWE CCEW Collaborates with Idea Foundation on Outreach Efforts

On October 5, 2019, SWE Global Affiliate Cummins College of Engineering—together with the Idea Foundation—hosted over 60 students spanning from 12-15 years old. The aim behind this outreach event was to expose the children to the basic tenets of engineering and to enable them to plan a future in the same. A single mind sparked would result in lower dropout rates after high school and into college.
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SWE CCEW Collaborates with Idea Foundation on Outreach Efforts CCEWOn the 5th of October, SWE Global Affiliate Cummins College of Engineering (CCEW) collaborated with the Idea Foundation and had students from three nearby schools visit our college. Some of the students had only included science in their academic curriculum a few months previous. This was a joint initiative from our SWE CCEW affiliate and the Idea Foundation which is aimed at helping kids broaden their horizon in the field of science. Hence the demonstrations and experiments were kept elementary and were based on the theme, ‘Science in Everyday Life.’

The Vice President, Mayuri, interacted with the children and got animated and spirited responses to the ice-breaker games played. The kids were then asked to talk about their dreams and ambitions; while some kids were more than happy to open up, some were shy of being belittled. However, some further ice breaking and a little coaxing did the work—the children reached their comfort level and were elated to share their aspirations.

SWE CCEW Collaborates with Idea Foundation on Outreach Efforts CCEWAfter being split into five batches and given some candy, the children were taken to the different demonstrations that the SWE members and volunteers had put together. Since the kids belonged to different grades, the volunteers elaborated on the concepts in such a manner that everyone was able to comprehend them. The demonstrations included a water level detector circuit, a lemon-powered circuit, mathematics demonstrations based on circle-rectangle transformations, and more. Along with the demonstrations from the members and volunteers, we also had the Robocon team of our college, team Aaveg, and the Baja SAE team of our college, team Zenith, collaborate with us. The kids visited the robocon lab to see a line sensor bot and understood the concept behind IR sensors. The Baja workshop gave the students an opportunity to have a look at the lathe machines and other workshop equipment. They also witnessed both the teams at work and their current preparations for the upcoming year’s competitions.

After a heavy dose of information and interaction, the students were taken to the canteen to have snacks. It was a heartfelt sight, as we watched the kids chirp away all their new findings to each other while enjoying their snacks and drinks. And to watch them take their share of trash to the bins without anyone to behest them was a pride-filled moment. India indeed has a whole bunch of responsible youth coming up.

SWE CCEW Collaborates with Idea Foundation on Outreach Efforts CCEWWhile speaking to the kids as they were moving between the demonstrations, we asked their opinions on what they had been subjected to up till then, and they all had so much to convey. In a span of ten minutes they had more stories to tell than I could remember. And with those sparkling eyes they moved on to the next demonstration with as many questions as they had aspirations.

Here are some excerpts from the volunteers:

“I just cannot express it in words how great this day made me feel and I am so, so privileged to be amongst all of you and be a part of this gigantic event with our panel members at the helm. After the wondrous interaction with these kids, the most important thing I unleashed was a “human” inside me, we all have bad days, we curse our stars and cry over our fate. I wasn’t surprised that each one of us was fascinated by their sparkling eyes and undeterred spirit, when they entered and even when they left our campus. The teachers and “Idea” foundation representative, Priyanka, told me about how life has been unfair to these small souls. The girls, not even allowed to take one small step after school and the boys who had so much inside them and yet everything dark. I don’t know whether what we call a “pure heart” exists, but yes if it did these kids were the representation of it. All ashes. But what flamed was the hope these students had in their lives, each one, each and everyone had a well decided future and bright devotion for the same even if they didn’t had the platform we were always provided with. From soldier to doctor, ( OKAY! no one stood for engineering on first hand…but yeah, we convinced them🤞) each eye had an enchanting spark to find their purpose which embedded our purpose in it. I am so proud of all of us who handed the experimental apparatus after presenting the experiments, to the interested students who took the same back home along with them. This is not just about the stuff guys, you all gave them the hope which reflected in their smiles, and maybe will stay with them forever. Thank you everyone for making me a small part of this transcendence!”

-Kanchan Vinayak Bhale

“I feel so proud about all of us who’ve tried to put in so much effort to ignite that spark, towards knowledge and science, amongst those young minds. It’s not only them you’ve learnt something today, but I had something to take back home too.They taught us how happiness isn’t linked to one’s financial strata and it’s the thirst to do and learn more that keeps us going. They were such a fun-loving and lively bunch of kids. Today, I feel so content for contributing something towards the society. SWE and all its members deserve to be appreciated for their vision and work. These little ones left with big smiles as our rewards. I’m looking forward towards plenty of such events and I feel blessed to be a part of SWE.”

-Rashi Gulhane

“Today it was totally a different experience for us. I was totally mesmerized by this new out-of-the-box thing. Today the true definition of happiness was introduced to me!

The happiness on the faces of the kids, their lit eyes made me happy. Their wish to make the same experiment using the apparatus given by me. All of this just filled me with joy. Thanks a lot SWE for giving me an opportunity to come across and interact with these children. Looking forward to many more events like this!”

-Janhvi Bhangale

“Today was really an amazing day and I am really blessed to be part of such an amazing club. It was a day filled with experiences and realisation. And I am happy that we were successful in impacting their minds and making their day as well.

Even by the end of the day they were curious and all they wanted was to know more. I cannot thank you guys for more for this memorable experience. I feel really content today.”

-Sakshi Dighade

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  • SWE CCEW Collaborates with Idea Foundation on Outreach Efforts CCEW

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