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Media: Series Highlights Women’s Accomplishments

Seven volumes have been published in the Springer Women in Engineering and Science Series, with more to follow.

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Media: Series Highlights Women’s AccomplishmentsThe Springer Women in Engineering and Science series showcases women’s accomplishments in scientific and engineering fields. The goal of the series is to raise awareness of the pivotal work women are undertaking that is of key importance to our global community. Seven volumes have been published to date, and others are under contract and in process. Each volume illuminates women’s research and achievements within a specific STEM topic. As such, each volume is edited by a woman and the 10-12 (or more) chapters in each volume are written by women. The books also include biographies of the authors — not simply the standard resume items — but discussions of their accomplishments through the lens of why they chose STEM fields and why they stay in the field. These biographies are envisioned as role-modeling pieces.

SWE members are actively involved in the series:

  • Jill S. Tietjen, P.E., F.SWE, past president, series editor, wrote the foundational volume, which is a history of women in engineering. Tietjen also recruits editors for the various volumes.
  • Deb O’Bannon, Ph.D., P.E., F.SWE and a recipient of the SWE Distinguished Engineering Educator award, is the editor for the water quality volume.
  • Pam Norris, Ph.D., SWE Distinguished Engineering Educator award recipient, is co-editor for the nanotechnology volume.
  • Florence Hudson, past member of the SWE board of directors and SWE Suzanne Jenniches Upward Mobility Award recipient, is the editor for a volume on securing the future with trust, identity, privacy, protection, safety and security (TIPPSS) for the internet of things. She is considering a second volume.
  • Alice Smith, Ph.D., is the editor for the industrial and systems engineering volume. Dr. Smith is committed to a second volume on computational intelligence.

Volumes have also been published on sustainable agriculture and food biotechnology, and security. Topics for upcoming volumes include biomedical engineering; controls; electric transmission and distribution; aerospace materials (volume editor, Mary Kinsella, Ph.D., F.SWE); semiconductor materials; mechanical engineering and the environment; precision agriculture and 3D Printing (Stacey DelVecchio, F.SWE, SWE past president).

Recruiting for volume editors on additional STEM topics is ongoing.

“Media: Series Highlights Women’s Accomplishments” was written by Jill S. Tietjen, P.E., a SWE Fellow and a life member of the Rocky Mountain Section, served as 1991-1992 Society president. She is the author of nine books, a national speaker, and an electrical engineer who has been inducted into both the Colorado Women’s Hall of Fame and the Colorado Authors’ Hall of Fame. This article appears in the 2019 Conference issue of SWE Magazine.


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