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Changing the world starts with celebrating our differences. SWE's got the tools to help you and your organization do just that.
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With the goal of promoting workplace diversity and increasing inclusion, the Society of Women Engineers (SWE) has created a series of tools to help you, your team, and your organization achieve greater D&I.

SWE's roadmap for diversity and inclusion

Move D&I Forward With These SWE Tools:

1. “Diversity in Engineering Matters” eLearning Series

A first step in promoting workplace diversity is to utilize SWE’s narrated eLearning series to learn foundational aspects of D&I. Each module covers a different D&I topic with a goal of helping organizations to promote a culture that honors, respects and includes various perspectives and voices.

Complete this series through

2. Inclusion Solutions Card Decks

Our knowledge cards are the next step on your journey to promote an inclusive workplace through meaningful conversation. The decks contain 22 knowledge cards, each covering a research-supported D&I topic followed with thought-provoking questions. The cards can be used for conversation starters, one-on-one coaching, self-reflection, or larger group discussions to create awareness and opportunities for personal and organizational growth. You can purchase SWE’s Inclusion Solutions Card Decks here:

How to Use SWE’s Inclusion Solutions Cards:

3. Inclusion Solutions Facilitator Guides & Participant Workbooks

SWE’s facilitator guides provide instructions for activities to help teams engage in dialogue and reflect on concepts relating to managing bias. The participant workbooks are to be used in tandem with the guide for additional notes on each activity and space to write and create a personal connection to the content.

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