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Employer Sponsored Memberships Provides SWE Membership Benefits to International Corporations

Employer Sponsored Memberships Provides Swe Membership Benefits To International Corporations

SWE offers organizations who wish to enroll a significant number of their employees as SWE members the option of choosing an Employer Sponsored Membership. This program increases global access for engineers, technologists and their employers to SWE’s programs and services.  An organization purchases a bulk number (minimum threshold is $3,000 for up to 200 memberships) and they are able to provide professional development opportunities across the globe.  The organization’s employees enjoy all the benefits of SWE’s professional membership, and the employer centralizes the membership billing rather than requiring each employee to sign up individually.

One company that has taken advantage of the SWE ESM program is Keysight Technologies, Inc., based in California, USA.  Recently, Erica Messinger from Keysight sat down with All Together and answered a few questions about Keysight’s experience with ESM:

All Together: A large proportion of Keysight’s ESMs are used outside of the USA. What prompted Keysight to be so intentional about using their ESMs globally?

Employer Sponsored Memberships Provides Swe Membership Benefits To International Corporations

Erica Messinger: As a global company, long-time CPC member and proponent of SWE’s global expansion, we wanted all of our employees to benefit from the relationship with and resources from SWE, not just those based in the US.  Keysight was an original member of the committee that helped set some early global expansion plans and when the ESM program was made available, that became a perfect tool for us to use to invite employees from around the globe to begin getting involved.  There certainly remains a perception that SWE is a US organization for US members and this is something I know both Keysight and SWE (and many other companies) are working to broaden.  Leveraging the ESMs for employees around the world helps shift that.  We make that very easy by paying for the ESMs out of a centralized budget vs. having each employee’s respective business have to cover the costs of membership.  Keysight supports all of our employees in reaching their fullest potential and making the ESMs available for all employees is one of the ways we can encourage all to reap the benefits of an amazing organization like SWE.  It’s a wonderful way to encourage employees at all of our sites to learn more about the organization and begin capitalizing on some of the invaluable resources.

AT: How has Keysight effectively implemented the global distribution of its ESM codes?

EM:  We extend the invitation to all interested employees.  They need just fill out a quick survey allowing us to collect some information internally and are then provided with the instructions and code to redeem an ESM membership.

AT: How do you think Keysight has benefitted from sharing its ESMs with colleagues around the world?

Employer Sponsored Memberships Provides Swe Membership Benefits To International Corporations

EM: The ESMs have allowed a broader reach to employees who can now feel empowered (without having to get management approval) to benefit from and belong to SWE.  It’s a way that we can immediately connect employees to communities of support regardless of the kind of support that may or may not come from their direct manager.  Employees can now see and feel a part of a OneKeysight community.  It has helped build communities of support within many of our sites and also connecting employees to one another all around the globe.  We are a global company.  Many of us work on global teams.  We have to think globally to be the inclusive organization we strive to be.  We all do better when we can all be better and are all included.

To learn more about ESMs: visit SWE Organizational Memberships


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