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Highlights From Emerson’s Interview with Tracy Reiter

Introducing Swe’s India Corporate Council

The blog post is written by SWE Global Ambassador and Manager for Modernization Proposals at Emerson Export Engineering Center in Pune, India, Aishwarya Dubey. 

In Emerson, we conduct the High Achiever women Leaders so that we can learn from their experience. I had an opportunity to moderate one such session. I have 15 years of work experience and I am working with Emerson Export Engineering Center, Pune as Manager for Modernization Proposals group.

Highlights From Emerson’s Interview With Tracy Reiter

On January 29, 2020, we had an opportunity to visit Emerson Innovation Centre, Pune (EICP) to attend an hour-long interactive session with Tracy Reiter VP, CIO Emerson Commercial & Residential Solutions. This event was organized under the Women in STEM Initiative by EICP. I had the pleasure of moderating this event. Presented here are some of the highlights from the session

Tracy Reiter is a double graduate and holds a bachelor’s degree in information systems management and Business Administration from the University of Tulsa. She has also completed her Executive MBA program from Washington University in St. Louis. Reiter has over 15 years of professional experience in the field of information technology prior to joining Emerson in 2011, she had worked with E&Y and Gartner. She joined Emerson at their headquarters in St. Louis as an Information Security Officer in Corporate Group. In 2018, she was appointed as the Vice President and Chief Information Officer for ‘Commercial and Residential Solutions’.

During the interview session, Tracy shared her experience and key learnings from her interview are captured below:


  1. Chase your dreams and do not let anybody come in your way of achieving it. She quoted an incident in her personal life, where an agent was trying to prevent her from attending an interview as the agent thought she was not suited for the job. She nevertheless found a spot for herself and got the job.
  2. When an opportunity comes your way, you may feel that you don’t know a lot or anything. Not taking up an opportunity because you are not prepared should never be the case. You should take the opportunity as a challenge and fill in the gap by learning and asking for help. Don’t wait till you check all the boxes to take the opportunity. Knowing all is being in the comfort zone. Unless you come out of your comfort zone, you will never challenge yourself.
  3. Tracy is a strong believer in Emerson’s core values and her personal favorite core values are Ethics, Collaboration, Support our People and Continuous Improvement. It is important because it’s the best way to ensure that we’re doing things the most efficient, effective and productive way.
  4. Having a healthy body and mind should be your priority. Tracy makes time from her busy schedule to workout at least 4 days a week. She also stays in touch with a peer group who encourage each other to work out even if they are traveling or working late
  5. Creating a personal support system to help you on the domestic front. Tracy and her husband work around their schedules to ensure that at least one parent is with the kids.
  6. The most important message from Tracy was: to surround yourself with people who will nudge you into change. She strongly feels that every change is an opportunity.

Through the rapid-fire round of the session, we were able to learn some personal aspects of Tracy (like her favorite book, favorite personality, etc.). We closed the session by presenting Tracy with mementos and having a group photograph with all the participants.

It was indeed an inspirational evening talking and knowing Tracy Reiter.

Emerson Team

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