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SWENext Announces New Pilot Mentoring Program

Swe The Future…swenext Launches

Starting in January 2020, the Student Programs Committee (SWENext) New Benefits workgroup started to pilot a mentoring program. The intent was to provide SWENexters with STEM mentoring and insights from collegiate and professional SWE members. Our pilot is running in 2 cities, Pittsburgh and Houston, engaging SWENexters in the area as well as mentors from the professional sections, University of Pittsburgh, University of Houston and more.

The mentorship for the program can be incorporated into previously planned events by the collegiate and professional sessions or can be completely new events.

Some quotes from SWENexters who attended the January event:

“I got a better and detailed description of different fields in STEM and learned more about the life of an engineer.”

“I loved the environment, the women here are so powerful and helpful. They are so personable and shared amazing info. I had an amazing time!”

“I like the advice about college and everything. To not give up and go for it!”

There will be monthly events for the pilot until mid-year and afterward will share the learnings with SWE sections so that you can start your own SWENext mentoring program! Mentoring could be the next new benefit SWE provides to SWENexters, in addition to awards, newsletters, social media networking, etc!

If you’re in the Houston or Pittsburgh area and interested in being a mentor or know of a high school SWENexter interested in being mentored, please contact Veronica Robertson at or Stephanie Tu at


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