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“Boolean Girl” Is Full STEM Ahead With Online Webinar

The not-for-profit leader in the STEM space launches free, online webinars live from Virginia Tech on coding and inventing for students forced to miss school because of COVID-19.
“boolean Girl” Is Full Stem Ahead With Online Webinar

First, the bad news: More and more kids are forced to stay home and miss school due to COVID-19.

Now, for the good news: Boolean Girl, a not-for-profit leader in the STEM space launched a free, live, online webinar with Virginia Tech to help teach kids to code, build, invent and animate. Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 3 p.m. to 4 p.m. EST, Boolean Girl will feature a new episode introducing new engineering and coding projects to increase interest and engagement around STEM. These age-appropriate episodes are tailored for ages 8 to 18.Boolean Girl

What’s even better? If students and their parents can’t join the live webinar, they can watch the webinars at any time. 

“We know parents and kids are looking to make the time at home productive – and there is no better way than to work on meaningful projects developing cutting edge skills,” says Brian Moran, co-founder of Boolean Girl.

The first episode focused on the video game Pong. Pong was one of the first video games ever developed. In the project, students got to build and play the classic game while learning how to log in to scratch, create code and save their work.

Since their launch, Boolean Girl has created 23 episodes you can access. For more information, log in at

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