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Celebrating Our Global WE Local Group Award Recipients

Fy19 We Local Keynote Speaker Nominations Are Open

Unfortunately, due to the postponement of four WE Local conferences, many 2020 WE Local award recipients who opted to receive their award at a conference never had the opportunity to be publicly recognized. Therefore, the Society of Women Engineers (SWE) has decided to recognize these individuals and organizations through a series of blog posts that feature the recipient’s achievements—achievements that would have been read aloud as they came to the stage to accept their award and take a photo. WE Local Awards provide additional opportunities to recognize outstanding SWE members, SWE groups and individuals. Here, we are delighted to celebrate the 2020 group award recipients from our global WE Locals.

Sustaining Benefactor Award

John Deere India Private Limited | Pune, India

We are pleased to announce one recipient of the WE Local 2020 Sustaining Benefactor Award is bestowed upon John Deere India Private Limited. A subsidiary of Deere & Company, John Deere India Pvt. Limited seeks to cultivate a climate of diversity and inclusion within their organization. Employees, leadership, and volunteers collaborate to host a variety of College Outreach programs, yearly “WoW! That’s Engineering!” (WTE) events and numerous workplace initiatives. In 2015, Deere employees started the first SWE affiliate in Pune and have since led the launch of three other SWE university affiliates.

John Deere is an ethical organization which places utmost importance on employee and community development. The Lakshya ERG within the organization has a two-pronged approach of focusing on holistic women development as well as making the workplace inclusive. A unique feature of this ERG is that the team composition has 50% male members. SWE is an integral pillar of this ERG endeavor and the synergies have only helped create next level of impact through SWE advocacy initiatives like outreach events, WTE, conference participation, etc. John Deere India, with the extensive contribution by its employees, has successfully been able to pave the path for SWE’s impact in this subcontinent of the world and have been able to create footmarks and laurels that will resonate into the future.

FY19 SWE President Penny Wirsing visits John Deere India in 2018
FY19 SWE President Penny Wirsing visits John Deere India in 2018
Global WE Local group award winner John Deere India team at WE Local India 2019
John Deere India team at WE Local India 2019
Celebrating Our Global We Local Group Award Recipients
Wow That’s Engineering event at John Deere India, Pune
Celebrating Our Global We Local Group Award Recipients
Wow That’s Engineering event at John Deere India, Pune
Celebrating Our Global We Local Group Award Recipients
SWE Pune Roundtable 2019 at John Deere India, Pune

Congratulations, John Deere India Private Limited!

Joint Professional/Collegiate Event Award

SWE Pune Affiliate and MIT World Peace University

We are pleased to announce one recipient of the WE Local 2020 Joint Professional/Collegiate Event Award is jointly bestowed upon SWE Pune Affiliate and MIT World Peace University (WPU). Together the groups have established a university mentorship event, “SWEturday” which is designed to introduce SWE to university students and the community through discussion and speed mentoring. The program aims to empower women to succeed with confidence and advance in their STEM careers.

SWE Pune Affiliate’s mentoring goal for college students is led by committee lead Sayali Igave, along with a group of committee members and mentors from across the industry. The objective of the mentoring goal is to provide guidance to budding women engineers through activities which help foster a successful transition into engineering and technology careers. Activities like speed mentoring, campus-to-corporate transition, work readiness skills through partnering and technical lectures are just some of the many events the affiliate hosts in conjunction with MIT World Peace University. These discussions introduce students to new technologies, upcoming trends, and give them the opportunity to converse with people from different industries and walks of life.

“SWEturday with Leaders of Tomorrow” is a mentoring event that was one piece to the broader mentoring goal. Together, professional and collegiate affiliate and university members invest over 35 hours in meticulous planning. With the help of around 25 students, 5 industry mentors, and 2 university professors, SWEturday was born. This day-long event discusses various topics including resume construction, interview skill building, and even touches on technology trends such as 3D printing and electric and autonomous vehicles. The event equips students with techniques for eliminating interview anxiety; recognizing behavioral patterns during interviews; clarification of resume contents; and preparation for an effective interview, while technical sessions discuss industry changes beneficial to projects or internship considerations.

About SWE Pune Affiliate

SWE Pune Affiliate is the first affiliate in India formalized in early 2015. The affiliate was founded by six members and has since grown to over 150+ members representing 20+ different companies. The affiliate’s focus has been on professional development as well as outreach. To find out more information on the SWE Pune Affiliate activities, visit their website.

About SWE MIT World Peace University Affiliate

SWE MIT-WPU Affiliate was established in August 2018. The group strongly believes, preaches, and practices that education will take you far, but along with it, professional development and networking is just as important. With this ideology in mind, the members of the affiliate make sure to deliver meaningful professional development activities. The group has tremendous support from SWE Pune Affiliate and help to guide MIT World Peace University to grow their members personally and professionally. For example, they hosted a professional development session which gave the group a brief introduction to the idea of social and behavioral ethics to be followed during an interview. The session also shared recent industry trends for obtaining better job opportunities.

Global WE Local group award winners SWE Pune Affiliate and SWE MIT-WPU
SWE Pune Affiliate and SWE MIT-WPU Affiliate along with Mentors and Students
Celebrating Our Global We Local Group Award Recipients
Mentoring session hosted at MIT WPU

Congratulations SWE Pune Affiliate and MIT World Peace University!


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