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Teens at inteGIRLS Run the First Virtual Puzzle Competition for Girls Around the World

With the goal of empowering girls in STEM, inteGIRLS ran a virtual puzzle competition May 29 to June 1 with huge success -- connecting over 1500 girls from around the world while isolated during the pandemic.
Teens At Integirls Run The First Virtual Puzzle Competition For Girls Around The World

One week ago, inteGIRLS Inc. hosted the first ever online puzzle contest for middle and high school girls. The competition, which tested teams’ collaboration and problem solving, drew over 1500 solvers from 54 countries across six continents.

Teens At Integirls Run The First Virtual Puzzle Competition For Girls Around The World
locations of all participants

Teams spent three days attempting to solve 21 puzzles based on important contributions of women in STEM fields. By applying lateral thinking skills and their knowledge of various ciphers, the puzzle solvers found answers through patterns hidden within the included text and images to gain points.

Teens At Integirls Run The First Virtual Puzzle Competition For Girls Around The World
solutions to puzzles

inteGIRLS is an organization run by high school students that seeks to unite female and non-binary teenagers by way of STEM-focused challenges and competitions. Though the COVID-19 outbreak has isolated people in their homes, the puzzle contest has found a way to bring them together. “So many enthusiastic girls were introduced to puzzles and problem solving this weekend,” said rising high school junior and upcoming inteGIRLS Executive Director Julie Steele. “Watching them having fun, trying puzzles that challenge them, working with their team, and then later discussing their solutions with a community of girls from around the world was the most amazing thing for our team to see.”

Teens At Integirls Run The First Virtual Puzzle Competition For Girls Around The World
The inteGIRLS sample puzzle — try it!

inteGIRLS prides itself on being a community that empowers girls in STEM. When Hannah, a seventh grader from France, first heard about the competition, she worried that she wasn’t qualified enough, or that this wasn’t something for her. But after participating in the contest, she shared that she had one of the most fun weekends in her entire life. “It is incredible that you are encouraging girls like me to participate in STEM activities,” said Hannah.

The middle school division was won by girls from Maryland (USA) and South Korea, while a team from the United Kingdom topped a three-way tie to win the high school division.

A poll conducted by the organization found that this year’s event was the first ever puzzle hunt for 96% of participants. Through this year’s contest, inteGIRLS has introduced a brand new demographic to the world of puzzle solving.

About inteGIRLS: 

inteGIRLS team

InteGIRLS Inc. is a 501(c)(3) certified nonprofit based in the D.C. Metro area that seeks to foster an interest in STEM through creating a network of female and non-binary teens across the world. The organization was also recently selected to be a recipient of the prestigious Society for Science STEM Action Grant, one of the only teen-led organizations to do so.

Team member Role
Joy Shi inteGIRLS President
Sophia Weng Head of Puzzle Writing & Leadership Team
Adam Puzzle Writer & Digital Design (Updated our logo)!
Avani Ahuja Leadership Team
Ivy Liang Leadership Team
Julie Steele Leadership Team
Laura Yao Puzzle Writer & Leadership Team
Matthew Siff Puzzle Writer & Systems Design
Mingjie Jiang Director of Tech Operations
Pravi Putalapattu Leadership Team
Rithik Sebastian Puzzle Writer
Shrikar Vasisht Puzzle Writer & Operations
Vishal Kanigcherla Puzzle Writer & Operations
Zain Majumder Puzzle Writer & Operations

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