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Podcast: Working From Home as a Dow Leader and Parent During a Pandemic

Swe Stories – Tales From The Archives Podcast: The Trouble With Celebrating Firsts

Episode 93: Working From Home as a Dow Leader and Parent During a Pandemic


Brandie Dessauer- Dow
Brandie Dessauer

In this SWE Diverse podcast episode, Heather Doty, SWE FY20 president-elect, speaks with Brandie Dessauer, an integrated supply chain manager at Dow.

Brandie graduated from Louisiana State University in 2003 with a bachelor’s in chemical engineering.  She has held roles in process design engineering, ERP project management, and supply chain.  In her current role, she is leading a team of employees located in both Houston and Beijing.  Her team is responsible for the ordering, planning and shipping of polyethylene catalysts around the word.  Brandie is also the SWE CPC Leader for Dow and on the North America Steering Team for the Women’s ERG.  She’s married to Mike, who also works for Dow, and has two daughters, Julia and Madeleine, who are 3 & 4 years old.

Heather and Brandie discuss Brandie’s professional and society goals as the SWE Leader for Dow, changes she would like to see during her time at Dow and how she is coping working from home as a parent during a global pandemic.

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