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Reflecting on SWE MIT-WPU’s Online Event – Enlighten 2020

SWE MIT-WPU Affiliate conducted its first Panel Discussion Webinar - “Enlighten 2020” on Saturday, 4th July 2020 from 3:30 pm to 5:30 pm.
Reflecting On Swe Mit-wpu’s Online Event – Enlighten 2020

Reflecting on SWE MIT-WPU’s Online Event – Enlighten 2020″ was written by the affiliate members of SWE MIT-WPU

Enlighten 2020 consisted of a discussion on the key points regarding Academics, MOOC, Research, Placements, Internships, Higher education and Interdisciplinary Approach and more. It involved the most experienced from the faculty of engineering, MITWPU who gave deep insights and shared valuable experiences regarding the above topics and solved students’ doubts.

The event began at 3:30 pm welcoming our audience, primarily consisting of college students from all years (Fresher to Final year) and a short video of SWE MIT-WPU Affiliate and our work so far. The winners of fun events like poster making and quizzes from Women’s day 2020 were also announced to the delight of many students. A presentation about SWE and the WE Local Conference gave the audience insights and was followed by a brief introduction of the panelists. Then the ‘’Enlighten 2020” began its discussion in full force.

SWE MIT-WPU panelists
Panelists from the discussion answering live questions.

SWE MIT-WPU’s panelists present at the event were:

  1. Dr. Arti Khaparde, Head of School, Electronics and Communication Engineering
    Having 18 years of teaching experience in the field of digital signaling and processing.
  1. Dr. Mrudula Kulkarni, Head of School at the Civil Department
    Having 25 years of teaching experience in the field of structural mechanics and design at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels.
  1. Dr. Sandip Chavan, Head of School, Mechanical Engineering
    Having 29 years of teaching experience in the fields of design engineering, tribology and manufacturing engineering.
  1. Dr. Shamala Mantri, Faculty, School of Computer Engineering
    Having 17 years of teaching experience.
  1. Dr. Prof. Hemant Joshi, Faculty, School of Polymer Engineering
    Having 16 years of teaching experience in polymeric materials and applications, fiber technology and biopolymers.
  1. Dr. Prof. Deepti Marathe, Associate Head, School of Polymer Engineering
    Having 24 years of teaching experience.
  2. Mrs. Anjali Purohit, Faculty, Electrical Engineering
    Having 21 years of teaching experience.

Our team members, Vaidehi and Harsh opened the platform for discussion and took the lead in directing the flow in an orderly manner by guiding it with questions that were collected from the students prior to this. A healthy discussion rose among the panelists for each topic and their valuable answers as mentors and experts in their respective fields were extremely insightful and addressed each and every aspect of the mentioned topics.

Reflecting On Swe Mit-wpu’s Online Event – Enlighten 2020
Internships were one of the topics discussed during the event.

During the webinar, a live chat questions option was made available to the audience where they could comfortably post their queries as required and the panelists could then take up those questions at the end of the discussion. The panel discussion concluded around 5:30 pm after which the live questions and queries were solved.

The event ended around 5:45 pm with a huge announcement of conducting a workshop on the topic of “Profile Building on LinkedIn” (schedule to be finalized yet), intriguing the audience to know more about SWE and be a part of the team.

The event concluded with a vote of thanks, thanking all the panelists for devoting their time along with knowledgeable insights and useful guidance and the audience for participating.

The audience was thankful for such an informative webinar and enquired about joining the Affiliate.

The event was a huge success with a participation of over 120+ students and the affiliate members had a blast organizing this event to which they had such an overwhelming response.


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