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SWE Survey Report: Impact of COVID-19 on Women in Engineering and Technology

The COVID-19 pandemic has introduced a historic level of uncertainty in our everyday lives. It is unclear what the impact will be on diversity in the engineering and technology sectors.
Swe Survey Report: Impact Of Covid-19 On Women In Engineering And Technology

Impact of COVID-19 on Women in Engineering and Technology Report

survey on employment status
Impact on employment status

The Society of Women Engineers conducted a survey of its members to examine how the pandemic has affected their personal and professional lives. Responses were collected between June 3, 2020, and June 15, 2020.

While the survey was open to any member over 18 years of age, this report focuses on the responses received from women and queer/non-binary people who made up 98% of our respondents.

Of the 1,791 responses received, 30% were enrolled in college courses and 73% of those students were undergraduates.

Of the 1,360 working professionals, the top disciplines represented were mechanical, aerospace, and electrical engineering, respectively, representing 36% of respondents. Across the sample, 25% of respondents were people of color.

SWE is a global organization. While U.S. respondents comprised 95% of our sample, we received responses from over 20 other countries, including India, Canada, and Mexico.

Download the Impact of COVID-19 on Women in Engineering and Technology Survey Report Here: SWE-COVID-19-July-2020

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