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You Have an Opinion. We Want to Hear it.
You Have an Opinion. We Want to Hear it.

The NAB Leadership Foundation is building a bright, diverse, and innovative future for broadcasting. Share what you’re looking for in your career to help the broadcast industry make a more substantial engineering program to help you land a job after college. Complete your survey today for a chance to win a $25 Amazon gift card (25 gift cards available). The survey deadline is September 18th, 2020.


ICYMI, The NAB Leadership Foundation, offers a free training engineering program, Technology Apprenticeship Program. This program is a six-month training program and includes paid internship at a local radio or television station of choice, networking opportunities with leading engineers, and specialized training and certification education to help you prepare for your career.

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Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Consider Broadcast Engineering as a Career Path: 

There is more to the broadcast industry than over the air journalists and radio personnel. Broadcast and sound engineering technicians set up, operate and maintain the electrical and software equipment for radio and television stations throughout the country. They play a vital role in ensuring news organizations deliver quality video and audio content to keep communities informed, educated, and safe.broadcast engineering

Broadcast engineers can be considered the intrapreneur of a television and radio station by looking at the company’s internal solutions and equipment challenges or problems and figure out how to solve those challenges. A career in engineering broadcasting promises to be exciting, challenging, but even more rewarding.

  1. Make an Impact. A career in broadcasting is known to be a rewarding one. As a broadcast engineer, you become a part of an industry that is continuously looking to better their products, services, and offerings to viewers and listeners throughout the country. As a broadcast engineer, you have the opportunity to create an impact on how viewers and listeners consume news, entertainment, and content.
  2. Help Communities Thrive. As a local broadcaster, you will play an integral part in any community you choose to work. Broadcasters are committed to making sure communities stay well informed with local updates or investigative reports, educated on local and national issues, and keeping communities safe. Broadcast engineers are a part of a larger team and mission to help local communities succeed.
  3. Have a Career Full of Surprises. As a broadcaster, you never know what the day will bring. Whether you’re installing new equipment and operating systems or preparing for a live broadcast with a field team, no two days will be the same in a broadcasting career. In broadcasting, the show must always go on, and you will be at the forefront to ensure the show happens.
  4. Witness History. Every American has experienced a life-changing experience like 9/11 or the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Still, the people in broadcasting play a more significant role in witnessing history by becoming a part of those events. As a broadcast engineer, you are a part of the team that shares critical historical events and inform the country on life-changing events.
  5. Build Innovative Solutions. As the demand for news and content continues to grow, broadcast engineers explore and provide innovative solutions to help broadcast companies make, manage, and deliver across multiple platforms. As a broadcast engineer, you will apply your technical skills and knowledge to launch and maintain those solutions.

The NAB Leadership Foundation is committed to building a more bright, diverse, and innovative future. Our programs, events and initiatives invest in the people who are shaping the future of broadcasting. That future includes you. To learn more, please visit

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