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SWENext Club Spotlight: The Neering Divas

Our SWENext Club Spotlight is the Neering Divas from FCT Abuja, Nigeria. Read to find out how they are changing the world!

SWE Next Neering Divas

SWENexters are making a huge impact on engineering all across the globe! The Neering Divas are a SWENext Club in FCT Abuja, Nigeria, and have members in 10th-12th grade. The club actively participates in many STEM competitions, and they’ve found creative ways to engage their membership. The Divas have made an incredible impact on their community, especially for the environment.  Since they’ve established their club, they have planted 500+ trees in their state!

The Neering Divas engage their members by regularly participating in many STEM competitions and challenges. They’ve competed in Technovation Girls, First Lego League, and the Pan Africans Robot Competition, just to name a few! Although they faced some challenges during these competitions, the Neering Divas were not discouraged. They continued to persevere and feel hopeful for future competitions. Through their hard work and determination, their club has won the 2020 Future City Regional Competition in Nigeria and several SWENext monthly challenges!

Even through the pandemic, the Neering Divas SWENext Club continues to thrive! In order to keep in touch with their members and follow social distancing guidelines, the Neering Divas have recently created a website and WhatsApp group. On these platforms, they share online videos, social media challenges, hands-on engineering activities, and more! They also hold virtual meetings twice a month to continue their club’s progress. These divas are truly unstoppable!

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