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Key Findings from SWE FY20 Member Survey

SWE member survey indicates networking and building professional relationships are among top reasons for SWE membership.
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Three separate surveys were conducted to explore member needs and perceptions as they relate to SWE’s programs and services. Research was conducted through separate surveys to protect any individual SWE member or former member from being exposed to multiple or long survey research requests.

SWE conducted fewer surveys in FY20 than it did in FY19 but worked with McKinley to conduct a more thorough analysis of our membership. In this year, we compared global vs. United States-based participants and professional vs. collegiate participants in ways the organization had not done before.

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Networking and building professional relationships was the top reason for all survey participants joining SWE – current members (42%), new members (55%) and lapsed members (52%). “Community” was a recurring theme for current and new members alike, who reported joining to stay connected or engaged (35% current and 31% new) and to find a supportive community (29% current and 28% new). Current members also reported wanting to participate in volunteer and leadership opportunities (35%), where 32% of respondents have taken advantage of volunteer leadership opportunities in the last 12 months. New members reported similar reasons for joining SWE – indicating that SWE is continuing to deliver these top services.

This year members also identified volunteer and leadership opportunities as a top reason for membership. Respondents identified these opportunities not only as key benefits but also major factors in maintaining SWE membership and SWE members reported high levels of satisfaction with these offerings.

SWE will launch the FY21 membership survey in October and November of the fall of 2020.

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