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What to Expect at WE20: Inspirational Keynotes

What To Expect At We20: Mega Sessions

Prepare to Practice Curiosity—and be inspired—at our virtual WE20 conference! Our four WE20 keynote speakers are ready to share their stories of practicing curiosity, overcoming obstacles and seizing opportunities in order to become happy, healthy and successful leaders within their industries—lessons you can use to advance your own career. Register for WE20 today!

Tune into these WE20 keynote sessions:

Laura Maxwell, Senior Vice President of Supply Chain, PepsiCo Foods North America

Thursday, November 5 | 10–11am CT

WE20 keynote Laura MaxwellAs an engineer and supply chain leader, Laura Maxwell has a true passion for speaking to students and professional women about taking this road less-traveled. All too often, there are little signals that lead to internal doubt about capability or even a decision to step away from STEM. These doubts can in fact be overcome and replaced with a sense of purpose, pioneering and inner strength. In her WE20 keynote, Laura teaches us that learning to recognize doubts, seizing opportunities, and being true to your personal style are just a few ways that we can fuel self-confidence and cast aside the doubt.

Listen to our podcast with Laura!

Sundari Mitra, Vice President, General Manager of SEG, Intel Corporation

Friday, November 6 | 10–11am CT

WE20 keynote Sundari MitraSundari Mitra is an engineer and entrepreneur at heart. With varied experiences in the industry including running two successful startups as founder and CEO, Sundari argues that if there is one thing that differentiates one successful entrepreneur from the rest – it is not raw intelligence, it is not passion, but that it is curiosity. Curiosity drove her down the entrepreneurial path and, in her WE20 keynote, she will share her journey, including the challenges she has faced and key learnings she has had as an entrepreneur and a woman. Attendees will be inspired to embrace their passion for engineering and entrepreneurial spirit.

Listen to our podcast with Sundari!

Jennifer Rumsey, Vice President and President Components Business, Cummins Inc.

Saturday, November 7 | 3–4pm CT

WE20 keynote Jennifer RumseyJennifer Rumsey is President of Components, one of Cummins’ five business segments. Rumsey is passionate about building high performing, diverse teams and has dedicated her twenty-year Cummins career to the development of others and to innovate for customers to power their success. In her WE20 keynote, Jennifer Rumsey will discuss her realization that one does not need to be Superwoman to be successful in one’s career and personal life. She will address being confident in yourself, being real and having impact in work and life.

Listen to our podcast with Jennifer!

Linda DuCharme, President of Upstream Business Development and Integrated Solutions, ExxonMobil

Monday, November 9 | 10–11am CT

WE20 keynote Linda DuCharmeLinda DuCharme is living proof that women today can achieve success on their own terms even in the most competitive industries. Her life story includes a dynamic career in a technical profession; a long tenure of leadership at ExxonMobil, one of the world’s leading energy companies; and a beautiful family. But along the way, she learned a valuable lesson that can benefit everyone – you can’t do it alone. Building a multi-faceted support system both inside and outside of work – one that includes colleagues, friends, family members and more – provides a solid foundation that is necessary for success in today’s world. Linda will share her own hard-earned lessons of learning to thrive and lead in the male-dominated world of oil and gas. And she’ll offer straight-talk advice for engineers who want to succeed on their own terms and, in turn, help others achieve their own personal and career goals.

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