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Podcast: WE20 Keynote- Sundari Mitra

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EP 99: WE20 Keynote- Sundari Mitra

In this SWE Diverse episode, Heather Doty, SWE FY21 President, speaks with one of our WE20 Keynote speakers, Sundari Mitra, corporate vice president and general manager of the IP Engineering Group at Intel Corporation. Together they discuss Sundari’s journey from India to the U.S., her experiences as CEO of a startup company, plus a sneak peek at Sundari’s WE20 Keynote. If you haven’t made plans to attend WE20, register today at to listen to Sundari and other inspiring speakers from the comfort of your home!

Sundari MitraSundari Mitra

Sundari Mitra is Corporate Vice President and General Manager of the IP Engineering Group (IPG) at Intel Corporation. Mitra leads a team focused on developing best-in-class IP with clean and verifiable interfaces for our silicon on chip (SOC) engineering teams.

Mitra started her career at Intel in the late 1980s as a chip designer on the Intel 286. Subsequently, she joined Sun Microsystems where she drove several UltraSPARC processors from inception to production. After Sun Microsystems, she took the entrepreneurial plunge and went on to launch two successful technology companies. Her first startup was Prism Circuits, which created high-speed mixed-signal Phys and Controllers. Prism grew to multi-million dollars in revenue and was acquired by Mosys in 2009. At Mosys, Mitra was the Executive Vice President of Engineering and delivered serial memory SoCs. In 2011, she founded NetSpeed Systems, a system-on-a-chip fabric IP company. She grew the company to profitability with an impressive list of Fortune 100 customers. NetSpeed was acquired by Intel Corporation in 2018.

Mitra has authored 25 patents and received several awards, including the Distinguished Alumni Award from the College of Engineering at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in 2017, where she received her Master’s degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering. Mitra continues to focus on mentoring others, particularly women in technology, and technology entrepreneurs.

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