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SWE Recognizes Halo Donors at WE20

What To Expect At We20: Mega Sessions

In recognition of the generosity of SWE donors and members, we are pleased to recognize individuals who have donated over $1,000 since last year’s WE19 Annual Conference. While we typically would be enjoying a lovely afternoon gathering in New Orleans, LA with all of you, we are glad we can at least safely recognize you from afar.

WE20 Halo Donors:

Anonymous (1)

Alexis Wasserman

Alison Elisabeth Bergmann

Allison R. Terry

Alyse R. Stofer


Amy C. Reiss

Andrew Brown

Andrew Thornfeldt

Anita Jean Hall

Anna Sparks

Ashley P. Lesser

Barbara J Brockett

Benevity Community Impact Fund

Birute Irena Jurjonas

Blake Patsy

Brenda Jean Lisitano

Brian Tajuddin

Cara A. Cowan Watts

Carolyn F. Phillips

Carr Lane Manufacturing Company

Catherine Meyn

Charles River Associates

Christine Kearney Hawkins

Cindy A. Hoover

Crane Fund for Widows and Children

Daley Family Foundation, Inc.

Danielle Elizabeth Schroeder

Dayna R. Johnson

Denise & Keith Gillan

Denise Wolfs

Diane Foley

Elaine Louise Reeves

Ester Marie Barbuto

Fidelity Charitable

Grace E. Heinlein

Group14 Engineering

Heather A. Doty

Heather D Monigan

Heather L. Martin

Honna George

Irene C. Chang

Jacquelyn K. Nagel

Janice Rossbach

Jennifer Ellen Buechler

Jennifer Ligo

Jennifer Winikus

Jessica Rannow

Joel T Patterson

John & Genevieve Allen

John H. Goodrich

Judy Caliwag

Kalyani Mallela

Kara Marie McManus

Karen Ramsey-Idem

Katherine M. Romberg

Kathy Fedirchuk

Kerrie L. Greenfelder

Kristan Soto

Kristen Barbara Coletti

Kristen H. Yoshida

Kristine E. Barnes

Laxmi Hazari

Leigh McCue

Lilith A. Terry

Linda Freeman

Louis and Mary Kay Smith Family Foundation

Lynn A. Davenport

Lynn M Granger

Lynn Roy

Margaret V Scheiner

Margeaux L. Wallace

Maria Ann Legato

Mary Elizabeth Makowiec

Mary Moreton

Mary Perkinson Harrow

Mary T. Zeis

Michelle Pascual

Natalie Noel Vanderspiegel

Nelia Mazula

Nicole Woon

Patricia Lynn Brown

Paula L. McDonald

Ronna F. Robertson

Rosemary L. Lafrance

Sandra L. Postel

Sara M. Rhoades, Aerospace BS/MS

Sara Stephan Benson, Chemical Engineering



Shanice K Jones

Shantha Mohan

Susan Lorraine Hall

Tiffany Westendorf

United Way of Greater Philadelphia and Southern New Jersey


Yuko May

Zaineb Ahmad

Donations directly support our K-12 and Collegiate Programming, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion work, Global Programming, Conference Registration support, and other key initiatives at SWE.  Thank you for your generosity to SWE!

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