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Podcast: Reignite Your Light with Dr. Kim Warren Martin

Swe Stories – Tales From The Archives Podcast: The Trouble With Celebrating Firsts

EP 113: Reignite Your Light with Dr. Kim Warren Martin


Most people believe fulfillment is a rare by-product of success and that you’re lucky if you get to experience it. Dr. Kim Warren Martin argues against that mentality. As a former engineer, she sees things formulaically and has discovered that fulfillment is not a fantasy—it’s a formula. Having a formula means you don’t have to sacrifice your success for fulfillment, nor do you have to sacrifice your fulfillment for success. In this SWE Diverse episode, Dr. Kim and Heather Doty, FY21 SWE President, discuss how you can #HaveItAll…as long as you’re the one who defines what “it all” means to you.

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Dr. Kim Warren MartinDr. Kim Warren-Martin

Dr. Kim Warren Martin, is Creator and Lead Consultant at Reignite Her Light. She is a former engineer and an award-winning executive with a solid reputation in corporate diversity and inclusion. During the last 8 years of her 27-year corporate career, Dr. Kim Warren Martin ran a Global Women’s Initiative helping women get to the top of a Fortune 50 technology company. She held the belief that you can #HaveItAll as long as you’re the one who defines what “IT ALL” means to you. So Dr. Warren Martin decided to protire and bring this concept to life.

Since then, she has dedicated her time and business to researching, studying, creating and designing methodologies and strategies to help high-achieving professional women pinpoint, and make, the hidden unique mark they want to make in the world.

Dr. Warren Martin has partnered with SWE to bring our members and listeners live, interactive empowerment workshops aimed at helping women rediscover their passion for work and life.

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