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SWE Launches First Global Affiliate in Korea

Swe Launches First Global Affiliate In Korea

SWE is proud to announce their first SWE Global Affiliate in Korea! The SWE Incheon Global Affiliate, sponsored by GM, was officially approved this year in July.

A ceremony last month was held to celebrate their official launch at GM’s Bupyeong headquarters in Incheon. Attendees included engineers and executives, including GM Technical Center Korea (GMTCK) President Roberto Rempel and Vice President Brian McMurray, along with female engineers from other companies such as LG Electronics and HP Printing Korea.

Korean Global Affiliate

Rempel said, “GM regards diversity and inclusion as an essential core value for its corporate culture. It is very meaningful to start Korea’s first SWE activities that can promote the growth and development of female engineers, with GM in the lead. Through this opportunity, we will provide a foothold for female employees to maximize their competitiveness and grow into global talents.”

McMurray said, “This is one positive step to eliminate glass ceiling concerns. With the launch of the SWE affiliate, women engineers are now more equal than ever and have equal opportunities for their career. This will give women engineers an opportunity to build global networks to help them professionally.” He added, “We will actively develop and support female talents with universities by giving them meaningful careers that will finally support female engineers to be successful moving into the chosen fields of engineering. SWE will be an invaluable organization to support them through their career.”

GMTCK Manager Yeonji Hong, who will oversee SWE activities, added, “I am proud that we have become a member of SWE. It is an ideal venue for communication between female engineers. Through the active participation of our female engineers at GMTCK, we plan to introduce the outstanding capabilities and potential of female engineering talent from across Korea to the world.”

GMTCK, which will lead SWE activities, has approximately 350 female engineers, who account for almost 10% of the organization’s workforce — showing a relatively high proportion of female workers compared to the same industry.

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