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‘Emily the Engineer’ Stuns TikTok with Marvelous Real-Life Iron Man suit

Step aside Bob the Builder, it's time to meet Emily the Engineer.
‘emily The Engineer’ Stuns Tiktok With Marvelous Real-life Iron Man Suit

This article was written by Kelly McCarthy and originally published by Good Morning America.

Step aside Bob the Builder, it’s time to meet Emily the Engineer.

Emily Yarid posted a now-viral video of how she built a 3D printed replica of the famed Iron Man suit that has racked up more than 57 million views and counting.

Yarid joined “Good Morning America” on [January 15] to discuss her marvelous creation, the moment her TikTok took off and the advice she would give to kids who also feel inspired.

“I had spent about three days making this TikTok video about behind the scenes of me making this suit and I posted it about two hours before I went to my graduation ceremony,” the recent Clemson University graduate said. “I got there and I opened up my phone and it had absolutely started to blow up, so by the time the ceremony was over — it was already gaining millions of views — I honestly forgot about the fact that I graduated.”

Yaird first started the project when she was 14 years old. She made the red and gold version worn by Tony Stark out of styrofoam and hot glue.

“I just did it because I was bored, but then I got to college and looked on it and was like, ‘Hey, I can do better than that.’ And since then honestly it’s just kind of been a process of one-upping myself,” Yaird explained.

Her newly finished teal iteration is equipped with some high-tech components.

“I’ve got some back flaps that open up every time I press a button in my glove,” she said while demonstrating the maneuver. “And then I’ve got a laser in my arm every time I pull my wrist down. Then I’ve got obviously the helmet that closes.”

Yaird also offered up some practical advice for anyone who wants to pursue engineering.

“Start getting your hands dirty. Build things, get your hands on tools,” she said. “Making stuff like this has helped me tremendously in things like co-ops, internships and stuff like that, so I definitely recommend getting your hands on stuff and building things.”

Thanks to Kelly McCarthy and Good Morning America for allowing us to share this article.

Featured image credit: Iron Man Vectors by Vecteezy

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