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European Virtual Workshop: You Are in the Driver’s Seat

This workshop welcomes women and men regardless of profession, career stage, industry or geography; however, the content was designed with professional European women working in engineering and technology in mind.
European Virtual Workshop: You Are In The Driver’s Seat

Do you find that your KPIs, organizational changes or other issues in your environment are in the driver’s seat and not you?

Working in a competitive environment means dealing with change. When in continuous change you need to constantly adapt yourself, which increases the risk that you are or will feel out of control.

If any of these issues sound familiar to you, we invite you to take place in our European virtual workshop: You Are in the Driver’s Seat. This workshop will help you to get back behind the wheel and provide you with concrete tools based on our philosophy: Authentic Leadership. This will put you back on your own track of letting your mission guide your behavior. We will share, laugh and help each other to move forward.

European Virtual Workshop: You Are in the Driver’s Seat

10th February 2021 | 16:30 – 19:00 (CET)

At the end of the workshop you will be able to:
    1. Handle work (and home) related situations with more confidence

    2. Influence your own selective perception and understand the power in doing so, as this will help you get back behind the steering wheel.

    3. Be more constructive about your own behavior, knowing when to choose between the four behavioral options: complain, act, lower expectations or leave.

    4. Know which steps to make based on your intrinsic motivation -your mission- to get back into the driver’s seat

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This workshop will be led by Carina Mak and Pien Janowitz. Using the Authentic Leadership philosophy as a hands-on guide, the sessions will be interactive and involve breakout groups so participants will be able to learn a great deal from each other.

This workshop welcomes women and men regardless of profession, career stage, industry or geography; however, the content was designed with professional European women working in engineering and technology in mind.

Philosophy of Authentic Leadership:

Authentic leadership is leadership where your deepest sense of purpose (mission) and core values are the guiding principles of your behaviour. A leader’s deepest motive is always focused on ‘allowing the environment to grow’. This applies to both leaders and organisations. Leaders often lose sight of their deepest motive, or they are still searching for it.

Leaders and organizations that base their actions on authentic leadership create a higher sense of commitment and pride among employees and are demonstrably more successful in reaching their goals.

The 7 layered model of Authentic Leadership was developed by Bas Blekkingh. It is a field-tested model which assumes that all human beings are made up of 7 layers. The outermost layer is the environmental layer, the second layer is the behavioural layer and the third layer is the skills layer. These are followed by the norms and ego layers. The deepest layers are the values and authenticity layers.

Each layer has its own dynamic: The trick is to increase your effectiveness and capacity for resolving problems by dealing with the problem at the correct layer. This allows you to identify and resolve problems easily. Not all problems occur at the same layer and sometimes you have to look for them at a deeper layer.

Discover and live your mission: By reaching inward through those 7 layers, you will eventually find your core, your ‘authenticity’. What are your deepest motives? What mission lies behind these layers? Once you have found your purpose or mission, you will be able to work back towards the outside. Your mission will then guide your behaviour and you will see your problems in a different light.

Carina Mak

carina makAs partner and co-owner of Authentiek Leiderschap, Carina helps leaders, their teams and organizations to unleash their full potential. Her passion is to create impact, small or big, for a person or an entire organization so that people feel more fulfilled and are more successful. That is what makes her happy. Carina gained her experience during 18 years in various executive positions in Finance, Sales and HR at Unilever. In 2007 she started my own company and soon after that decided to spread the power of authentic leadership.

Pien Janowitz

pien janowitzBefore joining Authentiek Leiderschap (Authentic Leadership) in 2014, Pien held various management and sales positions in the Netherlands (Microsoft) and abroad (Arcade). Her mission is to help people in the business arena to align head and heart, as she believes this will bring happiness and better daily decisions. She is an experienced, hands-on consultant, known for making sharp observations together with a healthy dose of humor.


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