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February SWEet Wisdom: Importance of More Women In STEM

February Sweet Wisdom: Importance Of More Women In Stem

According to the statistics, men have been dominating the STEM workforce in many countries. In 2019, women accounted for 27% of workers in STEM-qualified industries. Women made, on average, 19% less than men in STEM-qualified industries in 2019. Let’s see what our members have to say about the importance of more women to be a part of the STEM field.

Why is it important for more diversity (female) candidates to be a part of the STEM field?


Stephanie Quiles_Women In STEMStephanie Quiles

University of Puerto Rico at Mayagüez, B.S. in Mechanical Engineer

The participation of women in the field of engineering is essential to continue advancing and innovating. Why? Because women bring diverse ideas and different perspectives that will help enrich and expand scientific knowledge in all its facets. We must have our space in STEM fields. Equality is essential, we deserve to have participation and vital roles in the decisions that will shape our future. We still have a long way to go to achieve equity and equality, since we are only 27% of the entire scientific community. Therefore, associations such as SWE are vital platforms for education; we are here to provide the first experience to girls in science. In this way we can stimulate their curiosity and expose them to an environment that may be the one they choose for their professional career.

Agnes Woznaik_Women in STEMAgnes Woznaik

M.S, University of Maryland
Lead Engineer, The Boeing Co.

Organizations gain strength from diversity: diversity in background, thoughts, education, etc. Everyone brings a different perspective to a given problem, resulting in a faster, more solid answer. I also think that diversity makes for a better working environment: more interesting and more engaging. In the office, I enjoy hearing from other perspectives even if it’s not about work.

February Sweet Wisdom: Importance Of More Women In StemKiersten Johnson

BS in Chemical and Biological Engineer, University of Colorado Boulder

Apart from the fact that women and men are equals in every way, they also balance each other in ways that a pure patriarchy does not offer. Women think differently than men. Since the STEM field often has team projects, it is best to have women on these teams to balance the dynamic and display their strengths that not all men have. Diversity candidates in the STEM field also show that equal opportunity was given to all parties. A lack of female representation as is seen does not show that there is the proper support for women to work in this field alongside men, and this needs to change.

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