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SWE’s Virtual European Workshops Inspire Attendees

We invite you to view these recorded workshops and lessons, and attend future workshops which will be promoted via SWE’s blog, SWE’s social media channels and our global newsletter!
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Each year, SWE hosts in-person professional development and networking events in Europe. This year, in keeping with ongoing efforts to curb the spread of COVID-19, we opted for virtual sessions. Throughout the past month, we hosted five virtual workshops designed specifically for professional and/or university women in Europe. These highly interactive events helped attendees:

  • Influence their own perception
  • Be more constructive about their own behaviors
  • Understand their comfort zone
  • Learn to speak with confidence

Learn more about the workshops from some of our attendees, then view the recorded sessions (below)!

“The “Principles of Influence in Communication” workshop was content-driven, and its presenter was truly amazing. It gave insight on how to ingrain trust in employees and colleagues, and how to foster and nurture the connections with acquaintances, a perspective that helps improve the level of influence for a person. This SWE workshop, amongst the many that I have attended, has helped me refine my communication competence by shedding light on skills and traits, and on ways to improve them… Thank you, and keep up the good work!”

Mariane Mansour

PhD candidate in Electrical Engineering at the University of Cambridge, Undergraduate degree in mechanical engineering from the American University of Beirut

“These were absolutely fantastic workshops and I learned a lot. I found it so comforting that there was a lot of overlap of experiences and issues between the participants. It made opening up in breakout sessions easier. I highly recommend these workshops, as they have inspired me to take active control over my career.”

Katrina Simpson

Professional SWE Member, INNIO Jenbacher GmbH

“My experiences during the workshop are INSPIRATION, MOTIVATION, CONFIDENCE, SUPPORT AND NETWORKING. I learnt to accept my body the way it is and be confident about it, no need to beat myself up about being fat, thin, short, tall, beautiful or ugly. That I am beautiful just the way I am, all through.  Inner beauty radiates out and make you who you are. [I learnt] that I should step into my comfort zone, it will definitely turn out to be an adventure. Exploring inside my comfort zone gives me the opportunity to overcome fear, rejection, intimidation, failure and gives me a nudge towards confidence IN and OUT.”

Stella Uche-Nwachi

Professional SWE Member, Nigerian Airspace Management Agency

We invite you to view these workshops and lessons (click on the links below to access the recorded sessions on YouTube), and attend future European workshops which will be promoted via SWE’s blog, SWE’s social media channels and our global newsletter!

You Are in the Driver’s Seat

This workshop is for those who feel their KPIs, organizational changes or other issues in the environment are in control or “in the driver’s seat”. This workshop is intended to help you to get back behind the wheel and provide you with concrete tools based on the philosophy of ‘authentic leadership.’

Step Into Your Growth Zone

This workshop provides attendees with insights into their personal motivation for staying in their comfort zone and the reward for stepping out of it, into the growth zone. It is a practical session to push attendees into their growth zone.

Confidence: In and Out!

This workshop is for those who experience fear, shame, embarrassment, blackout, anger, or emotional discomfort in communication situations.

Principles of Influence in Communication

This workshop is for individuals who want to develop their IQ (Influential Quotient) as it ultimately contributes in greater proportion to one’s success. Influence is power and it does not matter who you are, where you work, or what your professional goals are.

Process to Prepare a Top Presentation

This workshop is for anyone who wants to grab and maintain the attention of their audience while presenting and speaking in a way that people listen.

Upcoming Virtual Workshops:

SWE will be hosting another highly interactive workshop on Digital Body Language: The New Rules of Trust and Collaboration by Erica Dhawan hosted Saturday, 15th May 2021. Register here!

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