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SWE Collegiate Event Recap: Unleash Your Inner STEM

SWE, along with Pioneer Valley Women in STEM (PVWIS), hosted a virtual networking event, "Unleash Your Inner STEM", last month, the first event of a series dedicated to women in STEM and the theme of identity. Keep reading to learn more about this event and future events that you can join!
Swe Collegiate Event Recap: Unleash Your Inner Stem

The purpose of the Unleash Your Inner STEM event series is first to help STEM students—with an emphasis on non-traditional and community college students—discover, develop, and learn to convey their own identities; and second, to research the impact of networking events on these students. Specifically, SWE—with funding from Northrop Grumman—is exploring how events like this one impact how students on the community college pathway choose majors, career paths, and internships, and equip them to succeed in male-dominated fields.

Last month’s event, based out of the Western Massachusetts area, began with a panel moderated by Prasha Dutra, engineer, speaker, and creator of the Her STEM Story podcast. The panel focused on career trajectories and the experience of being a woman in STEM and included these inspiring women: 

  • Maeliz Colon, first-generation engineering student, STCC graduate, and women in STEM advocate
  • Marie Louis, Ph.D., engineer, data scientist and professor
  • Sarah McAnulty, Ph.D., squid biologist, science communicator, and executive director of Skype a Scientist
  • Frances “Poppy” Northcutt, lawyer, women’s advocate, and first woman engineer at NASA Mission Control 

Check out the panel recording below and stay tuned until the end to hear about our panelists’ most fun experiences as women in STEM. Can you guess who worked on Apollo 8, the first crewed spacecraft to successfully orbit the Moon and return to Earth? What is it like to see the rollercoaster you worked on in person for the first time? Engineers make bubble wrap?!

After the panel, attendees joined small group breakout sessions, each with a different topic related to STEM and identity. Discussion topics included STEM & the LGBT community, mentoring, different STEM careers, transitioning from a community college to a 4-year college, women’s studies as a path to STEM, and more. 

There are two upcoming Unleash Your Inner STEM events, each with a different panel lineup to be announced soon. Whether you come just to listen to the panel and learn from inspiring women in STEM fields or stay to connect with others in your community, we hope to see you there!

Join these upcoming Unleash Your Inner STEM events:

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