Curious About the State of SWE? Here’s Your Update.

Join FY21 SWE President Heather Doty for a virtual discussion about the State of SWE in FY21. In this presentation, Heather outlines updates concerning SWE DEI initiatives, news for the WE21 Annual Conference, and successes that SWE experienced in 2020 despite the global pandemic. Heather also discusses two important strategic pillars that are critical to SWE's mission and thought leadership: globalization and advocacy.
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The State of SWE presentation has become a staple of SWE’s WE Local conferences. But with all WE Locals in the US postponed until 2022 and those in India and Europe going virtual, FY21 President Heather Doty recorded this year’s State of SWE. It was a challenging year navigating the global pandemic, but there were many accomplishments despite those challenges.

The presentation provides updates on each of the four strategic goals in SWE’s current strategic plan. First and foremost, members will learn about the current status of the Society’s DEI journey and the progress SWE has made over the past several years.

Under the Professional Excellence pillar, topics include the recent virtual career fair, programming in the Advance Learning Center, the impact of WE20 (our first-ever all-virtual annual conference), preliminary details on WE21 in Indianapolis, the pivot to year-round virtual formats for SHLA (SWE High School Leadership Academy), CLI (Collegiate Leadership Institute) and ALWE (Academic Leadership for Women in Engineering), and finally details for this year’s eXXec Program in June.

The Globalization pillar topics include SWE membership and the upgraded member portal, the growth of SWE’s global affiliates and ambassadors, and supporting member engagement around the world through the huge volume of programming that included webinars, virtual workshops and WE Local conferences.

The Advocacy pillar highlights include our first-ever virtual Congressional Visits Day, continuing SWE research projects, K-12 outreach efforts under the SWENext umbrella including SWENext Clubs and the forthcoming middle school Pathways to STEM curriculum. Details are also shared on the new Mentoring platform that launched in the summer following a brief pilot at the end of FY20. Last but not least we highlighted the milestone of awarding over $1,000,000 in scholarships to engineering students pursuing both undergraduate and graduate degrees in engineering!

The presentation concludes with Heather sharing that despite the pandemic, the Society remains in a solid financial position.

To view the State of SWE presentation, please visit the Advance Learning Center. Reminder: you must be logged in as a member to access the presentation.

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