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Congrats to SWENext Club Best Practice Winners: Poway High School

Congratulations to the Poway High School SWENext club for winning the SWENext 2021 Club Best Practices Award for their amazing STEM outreach initiatives! Read on to learn more about this spirited SWENext section.
Congrats to SWENext Club Best Practice Winners: Poway High School - poway high school

Congratulations to our SWENext Club Challenge winner Poway High School SWENext from Poway High School in San Diego, CA!

Poway High SWENext was founded in April 2018 by Madalyn Nguyen. Just shy of 20 members, ranging from 9th to 12th grade, their mission is to support each other in becoming engineers and STEM leaders, as well as to serve as positive female STEM role models and inspire younger girls. They engage with their local professional and collegiate sections to explore engineering careers, go on field trips to local engineering firms, organize numerous outreach events, and help other local high schools start their own SWENext clubs.

One of the club’s most impactful outreach events is a Girls in STEM Inspiration Day. During this event, 70 K-8th grade students learned about many different engineering fields through a round-robin session with high school and college students and professional engineers. Attendees also toured a machine shop, learned about machine learning, 3D printing, laser cutting and more! Another successful outreach event was the club’s seven-week webinar series on different STEM careers. The webinar, which was attended by over 700 people, included presentations by engineering industry leaders, rocket scientists, healthcare professionals, and advocates from the SWE Student Programs Committee. 90% of attendees surveyed after the webinar indicated future STEM career interests.

Poway High SWENext won this award for their unwavering commitment to STEM outreach. They were able to attend the virtual SHLA program at WE20 and received t-shirts and other goodies for their club.

Meet Poway High SWENext!

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