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Making Her Mark as JLL’s First Female Engineer

Making Her Mark as JLL’s First Female Engineer -

Market Engineering Manager Stacy Shirley finds career success

JLL’s Stacy Shirley broke barriers in the 90’s as JLL’s first female engineer, but according to her, it’s no surprise she ended up in the field.

“I always loved working with my hands. When I was young, my dad taught me how to change my oil and tires,” she shared.

Making Her Mark as JLL’s First Female Engineer -Prior to launching her career with JLL, Stacy worked for Trammel Crow managing the in-house landscaping for an office building in the suburbs of Atlanta. When the company transitioned to LaSalle Partners, Stacy met Jerry Coury, the property’s Chief Engineer and current mentor. Working closely with Jerry’s engineering team peaked Stacy’s interest and by his recommendation, Stacy left that day to enroll in Chattahoochee Technical College to get a degree in HVAC. She returned two years later, diploma in hand, and got a job on the spot as an engineer trainee in 1995. Stacy moved through her career holding every engineering position at JLL over the past 25 years.

Today, Stacy is part of the Engineering Services Team and is enjoying the collaboration and teamwork with her new team. She was raised with an appreciation for order and process which came from being raised by her father, who was a Navy SEAL. Observing how his unit operated as a well-oiled machine putting teamwork first, left a lasting impression on Stacy. In her current role she provides leadership to engineers, offering career guidance and growth, and manages efficiencies and business development opportunities.

“The most rewarding part of my job is the mentorship and watching people grow, get better, and take ownership of a building,” she shared. “I’ve had strong and important mentors in my career. I know how important that is, and I look to emulate them as I coach up future leadership.”

Outside of work, Stacy carries the title of “World Series Winner” in competitive softball as a former member of the Atlanta Women’s League. Stacy and her wife, Kate, have a passion for Pit Bull advocacy and rescue in the Atlanta metro area. She and Kate were previously lead organizers for the non-profit, The Coalition to Unchain Dogs and worked with residents of underserved communities to educate about responsible pet ownership.

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