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Inspire the Next Generation of Engineers by Starting a SWENext Club

Inspire the Next Generation of Engineers by Starting a SWENext Club -

Calling all SWE members! Are you ready to inspire the next generation of engineers?

Start a SWENext Club in your community! SWENext (pronounced “s-wee-next”) introduces K-12 students to the SWE community by connecting them with professional and collegiate SWE members. SWENext Clubs are open to all ages and genders, and clubs of any size can be formed out of school groups,robotics teams, Girl Scout Troops, local friends, or youth-serving community groups. 

If you are interested in starting your own club, there are a few requirements: 

Identify a SWENext Club Counselor

SWENext Club Counselors must be current SWE members. Club Counselors will act as a liaison to SWE and provide support when needed for events and activities. Perhaps most importantly, the Counselor ensures the club is upholding SWE principles.

Find an Enthusiastic Advisor 

Clubs are also encouraged to have a Club Advisor (Teacher, Boy or Girls Club Counselor, Robotics Coach, etc.) A Club Advisor typically acts as a liaison to the school or organization administration. Additionally, they are responsible for maintaining safety and youth protection during all activities and can act as the main point of contact for SWENext members on a day-to-day basis.

Find Motivated Students that want to learn about STEM

If you are contemplating starting a high school club, try to find a sophomore or junior that is motivated to create the club. These students will not graduate as soon as the club is created, so this will allow the club to create a legacy leadership team. An excellent place to find peers and students to start a SWENext club is by attending existing STEM outreach events, attending your Alma Mater, or to pair with existing clubs in your community. These clubs include robotics or engineering teams, Scouts, and Boys & Girls clubs.

Register the Club

Make sure that in the process of starting your club, you are registering within the individual school or organization if required. Register the club for free here! Additionally, each club member must also individually register as a member of SWENext for free. If you are 13 or under use this link. For those older than 13, use this link. Be sure to have members register at their first meeting and update the roster as members join. Expect to hear from SWE in the beginning of the following month. You should expect to hear from the SWE SWENext Programs Committee every few months. Check spam to make sure that emails are being received. Most emails will come from or

Define the Club’s Goals and Directions

When starting a club, establish goals for the year. Having clear goals will unify the members under a common purpose. A club’s purpose can be anything from outreach, to college & career development, to team building. You get to choose what your SWENext group is passionate about! 

Help the team establish leadership positions, such as President, Vice President, Treasurer, Activity Coordinator, and Promotions Manager. Additionally, it may be easier to establish one enthusiastic student as the main point of contact between SWENext Club Counselor and students. 

Engage in STEM Activities 

There are so many great events that your SWENext group can host! 

These include virtual events:

  •     Virtual Mentorship & Monthly Meetups
  •     Virtual College/Company Tour
  •     College Readiness 101 Webinar
  •     Virtual Scavenger Hunt

In-Person Events Include:

  •     SWENext Leadership Training events
  •     Engineering Workshops
  •     Campus/Workplace Tour & Lunch

Check out the SWENext Clubs 101 Guide here to learn more information! Reach out to if you have questions or would like to learn more.

This post was assembled by the FY22 Outreach Adult Advocate Publications Workgroup.

Inspire the Next Generation of Engineers by Starting a SWENext Club -


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