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SWE Chennai Collaborated with Caterpillar® and Emerson for Techno-Planeteers

SWE Chennai has completed its 5 years of affiliation and to celebrate this it has collaborated with Caterpillar and Emerson to take an initiative for woman students from different colleges.
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Society of Women Engineers (SWE) has always tried to come up with new ideas and agendas to encourage students from different areas. They boost the confidence of girls by encouraging them to embrace their full potential. After a successful industrial visit and a series of webinars, this time it was all about professional competitions and presentations. The meet was on October 8th, 2021 with a focus on the theme of Sustainability to attract students for showcasing their skills and increase the girls’ forte in all industries.  

Techno-Planeteers Day

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Sadhana Vashisht
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Suganya Durairaj










Techno-Planeteers is a new initiative started by SWE Chennai and it was held virtually. With the lead organizers, Sadhana Vashisht, Suganya Durairaj, and the whole volunteers’ team, the virtual meet started at 9:30 a.m. The event started with a safety briefing from Suganya along with the introduction of the guest speaker Ashwini Balasubramanian.


Ashwini, the director of Market Intelligence at Martinrea International Inc., enlightened participants with ‘Three Pillars of Sustainability’ and how each pillar contributes socially, economically and environmentally to maintain global surroundings. She spoke to the importance of practicing sustainability in day-to-day activities and also encouraged all to make ‘Sustainability as a Business Imperative’ through Corporate Social Responsibility.

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Ashwini Balasubramanian


Followed by welcome notes of the session, Jahnavi Chennupati, Sr. Engineering Manager of Cat Digital Applications provided the inaugural speech. She enlightened everyone about the SWE Chennai affiliation and the working model of it. SWE is a cataylist of women looking for change and the practice started with school students, encouraging them to choose their favorite engineering subject. It has seen that many women students prefer to change their branch from mechanical and production engineering to IT courses.


She stated that only 14% of women engineers are working all around the world and SWE keeps organizing events to cheer up, inspire and encourage the women around the world by uplifting their confidence. Jahnavi also added that it is an immediate need to increase the number of women engineers in the field of machinery and production to enhance their self-confidence. This can help upcoming engineers build their self-esteem and choose the path they want to. SWE trains engineers from different colleges on the working culture of the industry.


Next, the fun zone started with a quiz involving three rounds. The quizmasters for the first round were Karthika Ethirajan and Marua Mohanty. The first round of the quiz was conducted with a form questionnaire for all participants to complete within 15 minutes.


Discussion Over Emerging Industries


After a short break, the panel moderator Kumari Murugesan invited all panel members to start with the panel discussions. Two of the panel members from SWE were Sebina Mariadhas and Samba Subramanian, both engineering managers at Caterpillar Inc. They discussed digital services and diesel engineers. The other two panel members were Saranya Somu and Nagamani Mohan from Emerson. Saranya is responsible for pricing project management at Emerson and talked about automation. Nagamani is a global program manager, he talked about renewable energy.


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Preethi Pandy

The panel discussion started with an introduction from each member and it took around 40 minutes for the main discussion. An additional 15 minutes were used for audience interaction and clearing things on the discussed topics.  The Emerson team came up with a new idea of playing the game, Pictionary. The game was coordinated by Raashidha Habibur Rahman, Devi Venkatasubramanian and Preethi Pandy. The Pictionary game was played in the main room while the second and third rounds of the quiz were held parallel in the respective break out rooms.




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Raashidha Rahma

Marua Mohanty and Anu Sasidharan were the assessors for the final round of quiz which was conducted live using Kahoot. Kahoot is a game-based learning platform where the activity was supervised interestingly. Both the Pictionary game and the final round of the quiz ended by 1:00 P.M.







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Saranya Somu

Prize Distribution Ceremony

In pursuit of excellence, the Managing Director of SWE India, Paul Robichaud announced the winners of the quiz and Pictionary game and also encouraged the attendees to continue to participate in more of these type of events. Keerti Maddi from Sri Vishnu Engineering College received special wishes for securing the 1st place position in the quiz. Shreya Jingade from BMS College of Engineering held the runner-up title, and A. Manisha Shri from Vishnu Engineering College for Women held 3rd place. The title championship for the Pictionary game was shared by Jagurathi, Tejashree and Devi as they all completed with the same amount of points.



SWE Chennai Collaborated with Caterpillar® and Emerson for Techno-Planeteers -
Devi Venkat

Although all these are new events, the execution was flawless and the event all together was a real success. Prajeesh Sankaran, senior engineering manager of Caterpillar, thanked all the members who attended the event for making it triumphant. Everyone appreciated the valuable efforts from all the members of SWE, Caterpillar and Emerson. The TECHNO-PLANETEERS Event left a great impact on the new generation of Women Engineers. What’s more, as female engineers! This is a network of smart and capable women, who are changing the world and that is something to celebrate!




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