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SWE’s FY21 Key Performance Indicators & Key Findings from SWE FY21 Member Survey

SWE’s FY21 Key Performance Indicators & Key Findings from SWE FY21 Member Survey -

FY21 Member Survey Results

Three separate surveys were conducted to explore member needs and perceptions as they relate to SWE’s programs and services. Research was conducted through separate surveys to protect any individual SWE member or former member from being exposed to multiple or long survey research requests.

  • Member Needs Assessment Survey: A broad research effort aimed at capturing member opinion on SWE programs and benefits.
  • New Member Survey: A brief survey focusing on awareness of SWE, reasons for joining, and anticipated participation with the organization.
  • Lapsed Member Survey: A brief survey that focuses on reasons for member lapse and usage, and opinion of SWE member benefits.

Download the FY21 Member Survey Results Here

Key Findings:

  1. For the third year in a row, building connections and networking remain the top reasons for individuals to become SWE members.
  2. Overall satisfaction also remains very high for SWE members.
  3. As in previous years, the perceived value of SWE membership is “equal to the cost of dues.”
  4. New: SWE’s Net Promoter Score increased significantly (to 46) from FY20 (at 33) and remains much higher than the association average.
  5. Networking, professional development and education consistently emerged as important benefits for members.
  6. New: Although cost remained a major reason for not renewing membership in 2020, respondents were more likely to report that they were unaware of a lapse in membership.
  7. New: The impact of COVID-19 can be felt for all SWE current members, new members and lapsed members.

FY21 SWE Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

Each year, the SWE Board of Directors and Senate review key performance indicators across the organization that are set in conjunction with the strategic planning process. These indicators track various data points from our annual member survey, marketing trends, website traffic and leadership and membership diversity.

These KPIs were shared in late FY21 through various State of SWE presentations, including one hosted by FY21 President Heather Doty.

Download the FY21 SWE KPI Update Here

Results from the FY22 member survey and FY22 KPI update will be available during the first quarter of FY23.


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