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FY22 Outreach Playbook Challenge

Share your section’s best outreach activity with the rest of the SWE community by May 27th, 2022 for a chance to win outreach funding!
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Sometimes the hardest step of planning a K-12 outreach event is coming up with an activity. Despite this struggle, almost every SWE section/affiliate has one or two tried-and-true outreach ideas that they’ve hosted dozens of times. Now is your chance to share these great activities with other sections!

How to Participate

Help other SWE sections/affiliates and educators plan events by filling out our template for a four-page playbook detailing the planning and implementation of your section/affiliate activity. The playbook will describe the objective of the event, needed materials, provide information about the setup, and outline how to conduct the activity.

Your section’s playbook must include:

  • Detailed steps for carrying out the activity
  • “Lessons learned” that could be used to improve future events
  • Suggestions for adaptations for accessibility considerations like financial constraints, language barriers, access to technology, etc., and an explanation of how educators and families at home can carry out activities independently
  • Examples of how the activity connects to real-world engineering scenarios
  • A budget of all materials used, including recommended purchase locations for uncommon items, and any grants or other funding utilized

Submission Instructions

The playbook content is limited to the provided template, but attachments can be included for supporting media (e.g. a slide deck that introduces your event, worksheets that students completed as part of the event, a video explanation of the setup, etc.). The playbook template is provided here, and the completed playbook should be submitted as a PDF.

If your section hosted this event in FY21 or FY22, you must also submit the event to SWE’s Outreach Metric Tool (OMT) in order to be considered for this challenge. If you are not sure if your event has been submitted to the OMT or need assistance with the OMT please contact

The top scoring section for both the collegiate and professional levels will each receive a $1,000 check, and the second place sections for both levels will receive a $500 check. The winners and all qualifying playbooks will be posted on the SWE All Together blog. Incomplete or otherwise unusable playbooks will be disqualified.

 Submit your playbook and supporting materials by May 27th, 2022 using the link below:

 Submit your Outreach Playbook here!

If you have any questions, please contact us at


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