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Introducing “The Heart of Science: Engineering Fine Print” a new book by Jayshree Seth

Jayshree Seth, Ph.D. teamed up with the Society of Women Engineers to publish her second book, “The Heart of Science: Engineering Fine Print”.
Introducing “The Heart of Science: Engineering Fine Print” a new book by Jayshree Seth -

Auto Draft -The Society of Women Engineers published Jayshree Seth’s second book, “The Heart of Science: Engineering Fine Print”, today on International Women’s Day. This book follows the success of Jayshree’s first collaboration with SWE when she wrote “The Heart of Science: Engineering Footprints, Fingerprints, & Imprints” in 2020. 

“What is at the heart of my second book is an attempt to go deeper on the topic of transitions to thrive and survive amidst change, reflections to provide perspective, and insights into actions we can take,” said Jayshree Seth. “The last two years have made me realize that real growth, true leadership, and self-actualization comes from getting in touch with our feelings and dissecting them, understanding our identities and their evolution, tapping into our needs at a very innate human level, and integrating these new learnings with our lived experiences, to work through tough transitions, deep reflections, and meaningful actions.”

Taking the next step from points to ponder that were throughout the first book, Jayshree explores the FINE print with each essay throughout this book – our “Feelings, Identities, Needs, and Experiences” that evolved during the pandemic across many fronts including science and technology.

All proceeds of this book go to the Jayshree Seth Scholarship for Women of Color in STEM, administered by the Society of Women Engineers. The scholarship is aimed at helping underrepresented minorities advance in STEM education and professional related to engineering and technology. 

About Jayshree Seth, Ph.D. 

 Jayshree Seth is a Corporate Scientist at 3M and also 3M’s first-ever Chief Science Advocate. She has a Phd in Chemical Engineering and has been at 3M for almost 29 years. She works on developing sustainable industrial products and has 72 patents for a variety of innovations. In her role as Chief Science Advocate, she speaks to the results of 3M State of Science Index which is global research on the public perception of science, raises awareness and appreciation of science in our daily lives and advocates for diversity in STEM. 

She was featured in 3M docuseries “Not the Science type” that premiered during Tribeca film festival in 2021. She was the Society of Women Engineers highest ‘Achievement Award’ winner in 2020. Jayshree is the author of “The Heart of Science: Engineering Footprints, Fingerprints and Imprints” and all proceeds from the sales of the book go to a scholarship for underrepresented minority women in STEM administered by SWE. 


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