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Breaking the Bamboo Ceiling of Senior Leadership -

I am Ranul, born and raised in India. The first time I moved away from my family was when I was 17. I  moved from my home in central India to the south of India for my Bachelors degree. That was my first experience with migration and culture shock. In a way, I feel it prepared me for a much bigger move, the one I made last year. In 2021, I quit my full time job with ExxonMobil and moved from India to Sweden to begin my Master studies in sustainable Chemical Engineering at Chalmers University. 

It’s been tough being miles away from a terrific support system – my family, friends, and colleagues, not to mention the warm Bengaluru climate, and wholesome South Indian food. However, the happiness of moving closer to my dreams and building a new life for myself sustains me, fuels me, and propels me toward the future.

In this podcast, I will discuss my various experiences and share what I think is really the trick to adjusting to a new country, climate, and life: embracing it with an open mind.

Bio: Ranul Jain

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Ranul Jain is pursuing her Master’s degree in ‘Innovative and Sustainable Chemical Engineering’ from Chalmers University, Sweden. Prior to this, she worked as a Business Advisor with the American Oil and Gas company ExxonMobil at the Bengaluru Technology Centre in India. She has been involved with SWE since 2019 as a Global Ambassador.

Currently, she is the Global Lead for Asian Connections Affinity Group within SWE. In her free time, she enjoys being outdoors: hiking, trekking or running. She also enjoys learning new languages and cultures, and now spends most of her time building competency in the Swedish language. 


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