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SWE Diverse Podcast: Dr. Rose-Margaret Ekeng-Itua and Beth McGinnis-Cavanaugh on Attending Community College

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On this episode of Diverse, Rachel Morford, President of the Society of Women Engineers, sits down with professors Dr. Rose-Margaret Ekeng-Itua and Beth McGinnis-Cavanaugh. They are the founding co-leads for SWE’s Community College Affinity Group! Listen as they talk about their educational backgrounds, their experience as teachers and advice they have for high school students who are considering starting off at a community college.

Guest: Beth McGinnis-Cavanaugh

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Beth is an award-winning Professor of Engineering and Physical Sciences at Springfield Technical Community College (STCC), where she teaches courses in engineering mechanics, civil engineering technology, physics, and structures.  She holds a B.S. and M.S. in Civil (Structural) Engineering from the University of Massachusetts Amherst.  An experienced educator of a diverse, underrepresented student body, she focuses on developing educational strategies to recruit, retain, and promote diversity in engineering and designs innovative learning environments at all grade levels.

As a former nontraditional engineering student and community college graduate, her work centers on inclusion and equity for community college women in engineering, engineering technologies, and related STEM fields (engineering/STEM).

Guest: Rose-Margaret Ekeng-Itua

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Dr. Rose-Margaret Ekeng-Itua is a Professor of Engineering and Coordinator of the Smart Manufacturing Technology Program at Ohlone College, with over 15 years of experience in higher education. Before moving to the US, she was the Chair of the Engineering Department, and Senior Lecturer of Electrical Electronics Engineering at the University of West London, London, UK.

She holds a B.Eng. (Hons) in Electrical/Electronic Engineering (specializing in Telecommunications Systems), from the Federal University of Technology Owerri, Nigeria, an MSc. in Mobile and Satellite Communication Engineering from the University of Surrey, UK and a Ph.D in Cybernetics from the University of Reading, UK.

Host: Rachel Morford

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Rachel Morford is a principal director at The Aerospace Corporation in El Segundo, California, where she manages a team responsible for the integration of multiple space and ground programs. In previous roles, Morford led the Aerospace team supporting the production, launch, and on-orbit testing of three high-value communication satellites; provided technical leadership and supported strategic development of international agreements between the U.S. Air Force and other nations; and spent several years as a systems engineer working on national security launches.

A senior life member of SWE, Morford joined the Society as a student at the University of Southern California. She has held several leadership roles in SWE at all levels, including chair of the collegiate leadership coaching committee, region governor, Los Angeles Section president, and director of advocacy. Morford is a recipient of the SWE Distinguished New Engineer and the We Local ELiTE awards.


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