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SWE Announces the Recipients of 2022 Annual Awards Program

Join SWE in celebrating the achievements and community contributions of its 2022 Annual Awards Recipients.
SWE Announces the Recipients Of Its Annual Awards Program -

SWE announced today the recipients of its annual awards program, a nod to those movers and shakers who are making significant contributions to the STEM community and the advancement of women in engineering. SWE award recipients include professionals, collegiates, and groups from influential businesses, corporations, and universities across the globe.

“It is always a huge honor for SWE to present our annual awards, highlighting the incredible accomplishments of these individuals and teams,” said Dayna Johnson, Emerging Technology Programs and Operations Leader at GE and 2022 SWE President. “This year is no exception. These awardees, representing all career levels, are contributing to the engineering profession, and advancing the mission of SWE in unique ways, and we are grateful for the impact they have made to the industry.”

This year’s award recipients will be recognized at WE22, the world’s largest conference and career fair for women engineers and technologists on October 20-22, 2022, in Houston, TX. They will also be celebrated in the WE22 Virtual Awards Hall. The conference will gather more than 14,000 professional and collegiate individuals in engineering and technology for professional development, education, and networking.

The award recipients are as follows:

Achievement Award – The highest award given by the Society of Women Engineers. It is presented annually to an individual who has made significant and progressive technical contributions.

  • Tina Nenoff, Ph.D., Sandia National Laboratories

Advocating Women in Engineering Award – Awarded to an individual who has demonstrated professional excellence in their chosen STEM field and has proven to be an advocate of women in engineering and SWE’s mission.

  • Nayiby Alvarez, Johnson & Johnson
  • Malika Grayson, Ph.D., Northrop Grumman Corporation
  • Hang Loi, 3M
  • Tuyet-Hanh Schnell, Lockheed Martin

Distinguished Engineering Educator Award – Honors an individual who identifies as a woman, who has made significant contributions in the fields of engineering or engineering technology through education.

  • Carlotta Berry, Ph.D., Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology
  • Rose-Margaret Ekeng-Itua, Ph.D., Ohlone College

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Program Award – Recognizes an individual or a company who has pioneered diversity, equity & inclusion program(s) within their organization.

  • Merck & Co. Inc., Merck & Co. Inc.

Emerging Engineering Educator Award – Bestowed upon an individual who identifies as a woman, who has demonstrated instructional excellence and made contributions to the fields of engineering or engineering technology with instructional experiences in a school of engineering or engineering technology.

  • Sandra Pettit, Ph.D., P.E., F.SWE, University of South Florida
  • Stephanie Wettstein, Ph.D., Montana State University

Emerging Global Leadership Award – Presented to an individual who identifies as a woman leading a global engineering, engineering technology, or scientific organization. In doing so, the nominee serves as a role model to women engineers and technologists worldwide.

  • Jennifer Alexander, Ph.D., Carrier Corporation
  • Paris Amy, Cummins Turbo Technologies
  • Elaine Lin, Ph.D., Dow

Emerging Leader Award – Awarded to an individual who identifies as a woman, who has been actively engaged in the fields of engineering or engineering technology and has demonstrated outstanding leadership skills resulting in significant accomplishments.

  • Miriam Engel, Intel Corporation
  • Elise Higgins, Medtronic
  • Elisabeth Hosmer, Raytheon Technologies
  • Sarah Koenig, Raytheon Technologies
  • Pramita Mitra, Ph.D., Ford Motor Company
  • Kerri Phillips, Ph.D., Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory
  • Sadaf Qazi, Booz Allen Hamilton
  • Tahira Reid Smith, Ph.D., Purdue University
  • Erin Shaw, Northrop Grumman Corporation
  • Kia Smith, The Boeing Company

Fellow Grade – Honor conferred on SWE members in recognition of continuous service to the advancement of women in the engineering profession.

  • Jill Almaguer, P.E., Texas A&M University
  • Irene Chang, Exxon Mobil Corporation
  • Beth Holloway, Ph.D., Purdue University
  • Karen Horton, P.E., University of Maine
  • Cynthia Oliver Coleman, P.E., Houston Area Section of SWE
  • Colleen Scholl, P.E., HDR
  • Hope Schwalls, Lockheed Martin Aeronautics Company

Global Leadership Award – Recognizes an individual who identifies as a woman with professional experience leading a global engineering, engineering technology, or scientific organization. In doing so, the nominee serves as a role model to women engineers and technologists.

  • Chia-Hung Kuo, P.E., Intel Corporation
  • Yvonne Ong, Raytheon Technologies
  • Avani Patel, Dow

Global Team Leadership Award – Bestowed upon a geographically diverse team making outstanding technical contributions in the field of engineering and/or technical management demonstrating innovative thinking to overcome global challenges. It is presented annually to a team with women in technical leadership roles that meets or exceeds project objectives.

  • Engine Life Management Team, Raytheon Technologies
  • Global Cummins Electronics Electrical Design and Components Engineering, Cummins
  • Rockstar Global Integration & Expansion, PepsiCo

Outstanding Collegiate Member Award – Presented to SWE collegiate member with SWE collegiate involvement who has made an outstanding contribution to SWE, other engineering organizations (including but not limited to SWE’s partner organizations), their community and campus.

  • Abby Culloton, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign
  • Abigail Fennell, Colorado State University
  • Courtney Keiser, Ph.D., University of Nebraska-Lincoln
  • Celia Kornegay, Georgia Institute of Technolog
  • Francesca LaPinta, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
  • Briana Lino, Tufts University
  • Alyssa Liu, California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo
  • Hannah Lohman, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign
  • Ramona Naseri, Duke University
  • Vidhya Thiyagarajan, University of Pittsburgh

Outstanding Faculty Advisory Award– Awarded to an individual who has made an outstanding contribution to a SWE collegiate section/ affiliate as an advisor.

  • Kelly Knechtel, Colorado School of Mines

Patent Recognition Award – Honors SWE members who have been awarded a patent within the previous three years from December 31st of the preceding year of the application.

  • Helene Aguilar, Ph.D., Johnson & Johnson, 2 Patents
  • Jennifer Alford, GE Appliances, a Haier Company, 1 Patent
  • Judy Amanor-Boadu, Ph.D., Intel Corporation, 1 Patent
  • Ana Paula Appel, Ph.D., IBM, 4 Patents
  • Shubhi Asthana, IBM Research, 2 Patents
  • Mathazin Aung, 3M, 5 Patents
  • Lisa Bailey, BD Medical, University of Utah, 1 Patent
  • Alison Bergmann, John Deere, 1 Patent
  • Maria Biberdorf, Caterpillar Inc., 1 Patent
  • Denise Blohowiak, The Boeing Company, 1 Patent
  • Kay Blohowiak, Ph.D., The Boeing Company, 6 Patents
  • Agnes Blom-Schieber, Ph.D., The Boeing Company, 1 Patent
  • Nedra Bonal, Ph.D., Sandia National Laboratories, 1 Patent
  • Maureen Bradley, P.E., Lockheed Martin, 1 Patent
  • Rachel Brooner, Ph.D., Dow, 1 Patent
  • Heather Burnam Volesky, HP Inc., 1 Patent
  • Margaret Bush Flury, P.E., Medtronic, 1 Patent
  • Mary Joy Cardilino, GE Appliances, a Haier Company, 1 Patent
  • Erin Carroll, Intel Corporation, 1 Patent
  • Robert Casper, John Deere, 13 Patents
  • Mitali Chakrabarti, Ph.D., Ford Motor Company, 3 Patents
  • Divya Kannan Chakravarthi, Ph.D., IBM, 2 Patents
  • Deborah Champagne, Carrier Corporation, 1 Patent
  • Yi-Feng (James) Chen, The Boeing Company, 1 Patent
  • Kimiko Childress, Collins Aerospace, a Raytheon Technologies subsidiary, 1 Patent
  • Seema Chopra, Ph.D., The Boeing Company, 1 Patent
  • Hannah Cohen, Ph.D., 3M, 3 Patents
  • Semra Colak Atan, Ph.D., 3M, 14 Patents
  • Marie Cole, IBM, Retired, 1 Patent
  • Tara Conley, Dow, 1 Patent
  • Maria Contreras, GE Appliances, a Haier Company, 1 Patent
  • Jennifer Coston, Raytheon Technologies, 1 Patent
  • Christina Cowman-Eggert, Ph.D., 3M, 10 Patents
  • Isabella Mari Cuasay, GE Appliances, a Haier Company, 1 Patent
  • Brooke Curaudeau, The Boeing Company, 1 Patent
  • Kimberly Daloise, Bayer, 1 Patent
  • Anindita Das, IBM, 1 Patent
  • Lynn Davenport, Medtronic, 1 Patent
  • Amy Davis (Hou), John Deere, 1 Patent
  • Döne Demirgöz, Ph.D., 3M, 18 Patents
  • Jui Desai, John Deere, 1 Patent
  • Swati Deshpande, John Deere, 1 Patent
  • Laura Dietsche, Ph.D.. P.E., Dow, 1 Patent
  • Catherine Dorsi, Dow, 5 Patents
  • Subha Falknor, 3M, 3 Patents
  • Marina Ferran, HP Inc., 2 Patents
  • Ruth Figueroa, Ph.D., Dow, 1 Patent
  • Ann Fornof, Ph.D., 3M, 2 Patents
  • Edith Fung, Johnson & Johnson, 5 Patents
  • Zhenyan Gao, Ph.D., Ford Motor Company, 6 Patents
  • Samantha Garrabrant, Becton Dickinson, 1 Patent
  • Nicole Gassman, John Deere, 4 Patents
  • Josenia Gerdes, Caterpillar Inc., 1 Patent
  • Kim Gerwig, 3M, 2 Patents
  • Faezeh Gholami, Ph.D., IBM, 2 Patents
  • Sayata Ghose, Ph.D., The Boeing Company, 4 Patents
  • Anu Gilhotra, P.E., John Deere, 1 Patent
  • Ann Gilman, 3M, 19 Patents
  • Kasey Grim, Medtronic, 2 Patents
  • Lynda Grindstaff, F.SWE, McAfee, 2 Patents
  • Gwen Gross, Ph.D., The Boeing Company, 4 Patents
  • Deborah Gruenhagen, Motorola Solutions, 1 Patent
  • Man “Mandy” Gu, Ph.D., GlobalFoundries, 4 Patents
  • Aja Hartman, HP Labs, 3 Patents
  • Claire Hartmann-Thompson, Ph.D., 3M, 9 Patents
  • Anna Hegdahl, 3M, 30 Patents
  • Amelia Hensley, GE Appliances, a Haier Company, 1 Patent
  • Lisa Hill, Cummins Turbo Technologies, 3 Patents
  • Kelli Hoehn, Cummins Inc., 1 Patent
  • Haley Holcombe, U.S. Air Force, 1 Patent
  • Hanna Holmi, 3M, 1 Patent
  • Janice Hong, Ph.D., BD Biosciences, 5 Patents
  • Jennifer Horner, John Deere, 3 Patents
  • Jessica Hoye, Becton Dickinson, 1 Patent
  • Yu-Chieh (Sherri) Hsu, Ph.D., 3M, 2 Patents
  • Qin Hu, P.Eng, Cummins Inc., 1 Patent
  • Kristine Johanning, John Deere, 1 Patent
  • Abbi Johnson, 3M, 1 Patent
  • Amy Jones, John Deere, 1 Patent
  • Nahrain Kamber, Ph.D., Dow, 1 Patent
  • Kawthar Kasim, The Boeing Company, 3 Patents
  • Melanie King, Motorola Solutions, 2 Patents
  • Aruna Kinjarapu, Caterpillar Inc., 2 Patents
  • Sandra Kolvick, P.E., GE Gas Power, 4 Patents
  • Elaine Koontz, Monogram Aerospace, 1 Patent
  • Susan Kordis, HP Inc., 1 Patent
  • Helen Kourous-Harrigan, Quantum Signal AI, 10 Patents
  • Linda Kunardi, Becton Dickinson Medical Pte Ltd, 5 Patents
  • Chia-Hung Kuo, P.E., Intel Corporation, 14 Patents
  • Carolyn Kupper, The Boeing Company, 1 Patent
  • Melody Kuroda, Becton Dickinson, 2 Patents
  • Eileen Kutscha, The Boeing Company, 4 Patents
  • Nichole Kwee, Johnson & Johnson, 4 Patents
  • Chia Ying Lee, Ph.D., Motorola Solutions, 1 Patent
  • Megan Lehmann, 3M, 4 Patents
  • Chantal Levert, Motorola Solutions, 1 Patent
  • Guihong Liao, Dow, 2 Patents
  • Jennifer Light-Holets, Cummins Inc., 4 Patents
  • Ruth Lim, HP Inc., 1 Patent
  • Lin Lin, Motorola Solutions, 1 Patent
  • Brenda Lisitano, Raytheon Technologies, 1 Patent
  • Lucy Liu, Carrier Corporation, 6 Patents
  • Hang Loi, 3M, 1 Patent
  • Fang Lu, IBM, 114 Patents
  • Jennifer Marckmann, Medtronic, 3 Patents
  • Kariza Martin, Ph.D., The Boeing Company, 4 Patents
  • Kate Maxwell, Microsoft, 1 Patent
  • Irena McDowell, GE Appliances, a Haier Company, 1 Patent
  • Jessica McQuaide, Becton Dickinson, 2 Patents
  • Kara Meyers, 3M, 3 Patents
  • Vanessa Michelini, Natera, 4 Patents
  • Xu Min, Cummins Filtration, 1 Patent
  • Kavitha Moorthy, Cummins Technical Center India, 1 Patent
  • Pamela Morison, P.E., HP Inc., 3 Patents
  • Deanna Moya, GE Appliances, a Haier Company, 1 Patent
  • Theresa Newton, Ph.D., IBM, 1 Patent
  • Elia Mayela Nieblas León, John Deere, 1 Patent
  • Tonya O’Neal, John Deere, 1 Patent
  • Monica Orfei, Caterpillar Inc., 1 Patent
  • Carissa Pajel, The Boeing Company, 7 Patents
  • Janice Pak, Becton Dickinson, 5 Patents
  • Jenna Pang, The Boeing Company, 1 Patent
  • Connie Phung, The Boeing Company, 2 Patents
  • Elizaveta Plotnikov, 3M, 7 Patents
  • Amy Preszler Prince, Ph.D., 3M, 8 Patents
  • Tracy Propheter-Hinckley, Pratt & Whitney (RTX), 29 Patents
  • Katherine Puckett, Ph.D., Medtronic, 1 Patent
  • Jennifer Raines, Medtronic, 3 Patents
  • Jayanthi Rao, Ph.D., Ford Motor Company, 7 Patents
  • Prachi Rojatkar, Ph.D., Ethicon, 1 Patent
  • Danielle Rosenblatt, Ford Motor Company, 7 Patents
  • Mary Saroka, Ph.D., Carrier Transicold, 7 Patents
  • Ragini Saxena, Ph.D., Northrop Grumman Corporation, 1 Patent
  • Veronica Schlegel, Johnson & Johnson, 6 Patents
  • Katherine Schmid, Johnson & Johnson, 7 Patents
  • Waynie Schuette, Ph.D., The Boeing Company, 3 Patents
  • Jennifer Schumacher, Ph.D., 3M, 16 Patents
  • Stephanie Severance, Cummins Inc., 1 Patent
  • Federica Sgolastra, Ph.D., 3M, 3 Patents
  • Yanxia Shao, Ph.D., GlobalFoundries Pte Ltd, 1 Patent
  • Alyssa Shedlosky, Becton Dickinson, 1 Patent
  • Neha Shinde, John Deere, 1 Patent
  • Soh Yun Siah, Ph.D., GlobalFoundries Singapore, 1 Patent
  • Todd Signer, P.Eng, F.SWE, John Deere, 2 Patents
  • Jayant Singh, Cummins India Pvt Ltd, 1 Patent
  • Kausalya Singuru, American Axle & Manufacturing, 4 Patents
  • Wendy Smyth, Becton Dickinson, 3 Patents
  • Rebecca Spatholt, Ph.D., Ethicon Endo-Surgery, 4 Patents
  • Yasmin Srivastava, Ph.D., Dow, 1 Patent
  • Kathleen Stenersen, P.E., Medtronic, 3 Patents
  • Alyse Stofer, F.SWE, Medtronic, 1 Patent
  • Katie Stones, 2 Patents
  • Elizabeth Strehlow, GlobalFoundries, 2 Patents
  • Maithili Subhadra, John Deere, 2 Patents
  • Karen Suttmann, Motorola Solutions, 1 Patent
  • Atin Tandon, Cummins Inc., 1 Patent
  • Jia Tang, Ph.D., Dow, 3 Patents
  • Cristina Thomas, Ph.D., 3M, 4 Patents
  • James Timko, Becton Dickinson, 2 Patents
  • Sneha Varghese, IBM, 4 Patents
  • Rafael Ernesto Vasquez Lombardo, Cummins Inc., 1 Patent
  • Parvathi Viswanathan, NanoCytomics, 1 Patent
  • Erin Vogel, Ph.D., Dow, 2 Patents
  • Janna Volz, Ethicon Inc., 7 Patents
  • Gabrielle Vuylsteke, Ford Motor Company, 1 Patent
  • Xinlin Wang, IBM, 3 Patents
  • Joan Wills, Cummins Inc., 1 Patent
  • Leslie Wilson, Becton Dickinson, 1 Patent
  • Virginia Wilson, The Boeing Company, 1 Patent
  • Qiao Yang, GlobalFoundries, 1 Patent
  • Caroline Ylitalo, Ph.D., 3M, 2 Patents
  • Honghua Zhang, Ph.D., Becton Dickinson, 3 Patents
  • Yahong Zhang, F.SWE, Dow, 2 Patents
  • Joy Jingyi Xu, Dow, 1 Patent

Prism Award – Recognizes an individual who identifies as a woman, who has charted their own path throughout their career and has provided leadership in the fields of engineering or engineering technology and professional organizations along the way. The nominee must demonstrate outstanding leadership in their organization, exhibit a clear understanding of how their career path contributed to their achievements, work to enrich the conversation of what it means to be successful in STEM, and demonstrate activities supporting SWE’s mission.

  • Yang Luo, Ph.D., Honeywell International
  • Kristy Mandigo, Raytheon Technologies
  • Sharon Rozzi, Ph.D., Johnson & Johnson
  • Sameera Shaikh, John Deere India Pvt Ltd
  • Laura Whitsitt, Smith+Nephew

Resnik Challenger Medal Award – The Resnik Challenger Medal was established in 1986 to honor SWE’s Dr. Judith A. Resnik, NASA Mission Specialist on the ill- fated Challenger space shuttle flight on January 28, 1986. It is awarded only as merited for visionary contributions to space programs to an individual who identifies as a woman with at least ten (10) years of experience. This award acknowledges a specific engineering breakthrough or achievement that has expanded the horizons of human activities in space.

  • Alice Bowman, Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory

Rising Technical Contributor Award – Bestowed upon a SWE member at the professional or graduate student level, who has been actively engaged in the fields of engineering or engineering technology and has individually contributed technical work resulting in significant breakthroughs or results.

  • Stephanie Barbon, Ph.D., Dow Chemical
  • Alexandra Damley-Strnad, Northrop Grumman Corporation
  • Elise Hough, Northrop Grumman Corporation
  • Anjali Kukreja, John Deere
  • Joyanna Mazzone, Lockheed Martin
  • Sarah Niles, Spirit AeroSystems, Inc.
  • Yuliya Preger, Ph.D., Sandia National Laboratories
  • Maggie Singerhouse-Knauber, Medtronic
  • Alexis Ulmer, Intel Corporation
  • Claire Wemp, Ph.D., DuPont

Rodney D. Chipp Memorial Award – Presented to an individual who identifies as a man or a company who has contributed significantly to the acceptance and advancement of women in the fields of engineering or engineering technology.

  • Ball Aerospace, Ball Aerospace
  • Steven Chisholm, The Boeing Company
  • Johnson & Johnson, Johnson & Johnson

Spark Award – Awarded to an individual who identifies as a woman, who has contributed to the advancement of women by mentoring those around them. The nominee will have made a difference in the lives of many by affecting women at a variety of levels ranging from primary and secondary schools through more senior levels in relation to their position.

  • Pamela Coleman, Johnson & Johnson
  • Irene Hodor, Exxon Mobil Corporation
  • Cindy Hoover, F.SWE, Spirit AeroSystems, Inc.
  • Ellen McIsaac, Lockheed Martin
  • Caroline Ylitalo, Ph.D., 3M

Suzanne Jenniches Upward Mobility Award – Honors an individual who identifies as a woman who has succeeded in rising within their organization to a significant management position such that they are able to influence the decision-making process and has created a nurturing environment for others in the workplace. Northrop Grumman Corporation has endowed this award.

  • Ellen Ferraro, Ph.D., Raytheon Technologies

SWE Distinguished New Engineer Award – Recognizes a SWE member who has demonstrated outstanding technical performance, as well as leadership in SWE, engineering organizations including but not limited to SWE’s partner organizations, and the community

  • Zaineb Ahmad, Collins Aerospace, a Raytheon Technologies subsidiary
  • Julia Alspaugh, Stryker
  • Judy Amanor-Boadu, Ph.D., Intel Corporation
  • Molli Andor, Ford Motor Company
  • Alison Bergmann, John Deere
  • Kimberly Daloise, Bayer
  • Masroor Khan, Public Service Enterprise Group
  • Amber Kreceman, Raytheon Technologies
  • Claire Rydeen, Medtronic
  • Emily Walvoord, Exxon Mobil Corporation

Work/Life Integration Award – Honors an individual who has been instrumental in establishing a landmark program for their organization to improve the ability of women engineers and other employees to integrate or balance work and family responsibilities. In so doing, they have demonstrated recognition of the need for employees to integrate work, family, and personal interests.

  • Heather Ulrich, Caterpillar Inc.


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