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Congratulations to the Winners of the FY2022 SWENext Recruitment Challenge!

The following SWE sections, affiliates, MALs and SWENext Clubs successfully recruited the most students from all backgrounds to join SWENext in FY22. Thank you for your incredible work supporting SWE’s outreach efforts!
Congratulations to the Winners of the FY2022 SWENext Recruitment Challenge! - SWENext

In February, the SWENext Programs Committee challenged all SWE sections/affiliates/MALs and SWENext Clubs to recruit the most new students to join SWENext by May 31, 2022. 

SWENext is a way for students to become a part of the SWE engineering community through the age of 18. Only 13% of engineers are women, so SWE views increasing female participation in engineering as a critical need. 

Recruitment efforts focused on including all aspects of STEAM, engaging younger students (middle school and early high school), and recruiting students from all backgrounds. The top three winners for each tier were awarded a prize to support their future outreach efforts. 

Thank you to all the SWE sections, affiliates, MALs and SWENext Clubs who participated in this year’s Recruitment Challenge, and congratulations to the winners below!

Winning SWE Sections, Affiliates and MALs:

Emerald Akhaumere

Sections/Affiliates/MALs – 1st Place 

Abuja, Nigeria

About Emerald
“I have benefited greatly from SWENext monthly programs like the social media challenge which I won twice, and the club award programs which I have participated in. Because of the many benefits I enjoyed in the society, I decided to join the recruitment challenge and reach out to Secondary schools (high school) in my community where I mentor girls about STEM and STEM related opportunities.

I held STEM club activities like creating a prototype for an app that helps to solve a problem in their individual communities, and for the older ones we went as far as creating simple apps with MIT App Inventor. I also spoke to them on career day on the importance of STEM and how it benefits us all, and shared examples of women breaking the bias,  letting them know that this society is one that would take care of them. It brings joy to my heart when I see these young girls. I was able to recruit sixty-eight students to join SWENext, who now have the best opportunity to be under a society that cares, encourages and helps them build a future for themselves through STEM.”

auto draft - Emerald, SWE Member-at Large

Pittsburgh SWE Section 

Sections/Affiliates/MALs – 2nd Place

Pennsylvania, United States

About Pittsburgh SWE

“For this challenge, we recruited new SWENexters in two main ways. First, during in-person Outreach events, we had a sign, SWENext flyers, brochures, and paper forms that students could use to join SWENext. Our biggest recruiting success was at the two-day “Engineer the Future” event at the Carnegie Science Center during E-Week. Secondly, in our Certificate of Merit Program with high schools, we included a SWENext flyer in every sophomore and junior awardees’ envelope, with a personal hand-written note, congratulating them and inviting them to sign up for SWENext.”

auto draft -Pittsburg SWE Section

Cal Poly San Luis Obispo SWE Section

Sections/Affiliates/MALs – 3rd Place

California, United States

About Cal Poly SWE

“Our SWE chapter had a lot of fun with the Recruitment Challenge as we transformed from completely virtual events to a hybrid of in-person and online. This year we were able to visit two high schools to present about SWENext and give a shout-out at “SWE Welcome,” one of our largest outreach events of the year. We hosted over thirty girls for a SWENext Outreach Conference and Design Challenge, where we not only encouraged all the students to sign up if they hadn’t already, but also gave them ideas and tools to be the best leaders and community members they can be.”

auto draft - Cal Poly San Luis Obispo SWE Section

Winning SWENext Clubs:

Neering Diva SWENext Club

SWENext Clubs – 1st Place

Abuja, Nigeria

About Neering Divas SWENext Club

“We had about ten members in Neering Diva SWENext Club, but most of them have moved on to college, so when we saw the Recruitment Challenge announcement, we decided to use it as an opportunity to recruit more members for our club. We also participated in the FIRST Robotics Lego League Cargo Connect challenge. We have over fifty club members now and most of them are in middle school!”

auto draft -Neering Diva SWENext Club

Broncos SWENext Club

SWENext Clubs – 2nd Place

Wisconsin, United States

About Broncos SWENext Club

“The Broncos SWENext Club conducted recruitment activities during study hall meetings by opening the club membership to all genders and grades. Activities included guest speakers and planning meetings for next year’s activities and goals. The Wisconsin Army National Guard provided funding for activities.”

auto draft - Broncos SWENext Club

Emma Willard High School SWENext Club

SWENext Clubs – 3rd Place

New York, United States

About Emma Willard SWENext Club

“Emma Willard SWENext Club was established in 2021 and recruiting is one of our top priorities. For the FY22 SWENext Recruitment Challenge, our school advisor, Mrs. Chiara Shah and the club head, Cynthia Z., worked very closely together and leveraged Emma Willard School’s various events/email communications to encourage the entire student body to sign up for SWENext. We have been planning to invite guest speakers (engineers of all types) and hosting outreach activities with the RPI SWE section in the fall, with a main goal to generate interest in engineering and offer specific information about the field to students who are enthusiastic but unsure of where to start.”

auto draft -

Emma Willard SWENext Club 

SWENext provides students under age 18 access to programs, mentors, and resources designed to develop leadership skills and self-confidence to pursue a future in engineering and technology. Learn more about SWENext here. 

Additionally, find more ways to advocate for students in STEM and stay up-to-date on SWE’s outreach efforts when you sign up for the monthly Adult Advocates newsletter. 

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