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Computer Engineering Student Spotlight: Angela

Check out the interview below with Computer Engineering student Angela (Angie) to learn more about her experiences and how you can #BeThatEngineer.
Computer Engineering Student Spotlight: Angela - Computer Engineering

Auto Draft -Meet Angela Larson (Angie), she is a sophomore at the University of Minnesota. She is a computer engineering major, but when not in class, likes to cook healthy meals and go on outdoor walks.

How did you learn about computer engineering? Who introduced you to computer engineering?

I first learned about computer engineering from my dad. He is an electrical engineer, so he inspired me to be an engineer.

What made you choose computer engineering? What really interested you about computer engineering?

I decided to be a computer engineer because I like to code and computer engineers are the type of engineering that involves the most coding. I wanted to see not only how my favorite apps are made, but also how the computers and phones I access them on are made.

What were your hobbies like in high school? What was your favorite subjects? Did you have a favorite subject or hobby in high school that helped you decide to pursue computer engineering?

In high school, my hobby was Journalism, so I would write and edit for my school newspaper. Although I became one of the head editors my senior year, I did not want to be a journalist because my favorite subject was not English. My favorite subjects in school were math and science, and because computer engineering involves math, science and coding, I decided to pursue computer engineering.

Is there anyone if your life that influenced you to become an engineer? Is anyone in your close family an engineer or are you the first one?

In my family, my dad, my uncle and my grandpa are all engineers. My great grandpa was also an engineer. Although I am not the first engineer in my family, I am the first computer engineer.

What is your favorite part about studying computer engineering so far in college? Favorite college class?

My favorite part about studying computer engineering is being able to create projects in class. Whether I am hands-on building a circuit in my electrical engineering classes, or coding a beautiful picture in my coding classes, I love being able to use my abilities to create something meaningful.

When you graduate from college, what kind of job do you hope to get? What are your plans for your computer engineering degree?

When I graduate from college, I want to get a job designing and revising the internal parts of technology in order to create new technology or improve current technology.

What advice do you have for our readers who may want to become engineers one day?

My advice for readers who may want to be engineers is to explore math and science classes, and to talk to a mentor who is a computer engineer. It is good to talk to someone who has computer engineering experience so you can ask questions and see if computer engineering seems interesting!


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