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SWE International Ambassadors: Germany, Mexico, and Costa Rica

With a gender imbalance in engineering globally, we count on our SWE International Ambassadors to make a difference in outreach and K-12 education.
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SWE’s International Ambassador program is an opportunity for a SWE member that resides outside the United States to serve in a SWE leadership position for their city, country, region and the Society. Our International Ambassadors help us achieve our goals on a global scale. We love hearing about the engineering culture in their hometowns, and with our SWE International Ambassador Spotlight, we hope to provide a glimpse into what it’s like to be a woman engineer in countries around the world.

SWE’s International Ambassadors play an important role in helping achieve SWE’s goals outside of the US. They’re our eyes and ears overseas, and they shed light on the engineering landscape across the globe.

SWE International Ambassador in Germany

“It is a fact that there is still an imbalance between male and female presence in the engineering field in my country,” said Fabienne Seibold, SWE International Ambassador for Germany and agronomical engineer at John Deere. “As a female engineer I believe it is my responsibility to help accelerate a transformation so that this situation improves soon. We can establish an environment of equal opportunities for men and women and thus leverage all the talent available in the country.”

With a gender imbalance in engineering globally, we count on our International Ambassadors to make a difference in outreach and K-12 education. Just as in the United States, there isn’t a lack of interest in STEM, but a lack of encouragement for young girls to pursue those interests.

SWE International Ambassador in Mexico

“Women engineers are increasing in number and a lot of girls are studying STEM careers, but we need to motivate them to continue down that path,” explains industrial engineer Maria-Esther Torres, SWE International Ambassador for Queretaro, Mexico.

SWE International Ambassador in Costa Rica

With efforts from SWE’s membership, partners and supporters, changes in the gender gap are slowly being made. Blanca Rosa Navarro Piedra, IT engineer and SWE Ambassador for Costa Rica, is proud of this progress.

“Engineering culture has been dominated by males in my country, however we’re starting to see a change in direction,” said Piedra. “Some engineering careers in the University such as chemistry, civil and biotechnology have a participation that is at least 50 percent women. Now I can see more women involved in technology conferences, events and in leadership positions.”

Become a SWE International Ambassador

A SWE International Ambassador serves from 1st January through 31st December and will be provided training and tools each January to ensure the SWE International Ambassador is equipped to be successful in this volunteer role. The program requires the volunteer to re-apply each November in order to ensure the volunteer remains up to date on all SWE international activities and can pledge the volunteer time commitment.

SWE International Ambassadors promote the SWE brand, grow the SWE community in their city, and are knowledgeable of SWE products and services available to members and partners living in their country. In addition to their role of SWE representative in-country, a SWE International Ambassador creates a Personal Leadership Development Plan and has the opportunity to complete one of the SWE Leadership Competency eLearning Modules. To learn more and apply, visit SWE’s international page.

Don’t have time to commit to an entire year as a SWE Ambassador? Email to find out other ways you can get involved in SWE in your country.


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