SWE Magazine Recognized at Publishing Event

The largest conference serving the magazine industry — FOLIO — took place this fall immediately following WE16. There, SWE Magazine received a top award and several honors.

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SWE Magazine Recognized at Publishing Event
SWE Magazine
SWE Magazine Senior Editor Carol Polakowski (L) and Anne Perusek, SWE Director of Editorial and Publications, honored at FOLIO Awards.

It was a quick trip from WE16 host city Philadelphia up to New York, where SWE Magazine Senior Editor Carol Polakowski and I spent a few days immersed in all things magazine related. We went to sessions, networked with colleagues, explored new ideas and options, and attended awards events. Spending time with colleagues across an array of magazines ranging from household and newsstand brands we are all familiar with, to association and niche publications like ours, is a heady experience.

SWE MagazineThe icing on the cake took place at the awards luncheon. A finalist for several awards, SWE Magazine took top honors — receiving an “Ozzie” in use of illustration for the opening spread of “Resistance Is Not Futile,” the article on cyberbullying that appeared in the Fall 2015 issue. Because the finalists we competed against in this category were larger organizations with greater resources, the win was especially gratifying.

We took honorable mentions in writing for “Women Engineers You Should Know” and “Tissue Engineering: Merging Engineering and Medical Skills,” both from the Spring 2016 issue.

In graphics, we received honorable mention in covers for the Fall 2015 issue, and honorable mention in article design for “The Music of Engineering,” from the Conference 2015 issue.

SWE Magazine

Carol and I enjoyed attending FOLIO for the same reasons SWE members find our annual WE conferences satisfying. We approach the crafts of writing and editing, and of creating magazines, with the enthusiasm and passion we witness in SWE membership.

At a SWE Magazine editorial board meeting, I once described in detail the development and refinement of a feature article, beginning with the initial concept to the final execution. When I finished, Betty Shanahan, CAE, F.SWE, who was then our executive director and CEO, pointed out that I had just described the process of engineering!

Much like the SWE members we serve — who had just departed from WE16 — Carol and I returned home from the FOLIO conference a bit tired but also energized and inspired.

By Anne Perusek, SWE Director of Editorial and Publications

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