Video: Discussing Workplace Diversity is in the Cards

Each card in the Inclusion Solutions card set has thought-provoking questions on the front and research on the back to spark discussion on workplace diversity and inclusion.
Video: Discussing Workplace Diversity Is In The Cards

SWE’s Inclusion Solutions Card Set Promotes Workplace Diversity

Many organizations are often afraid to talk about race, gender, ethnicity or sexual orientation because they do not have the skills needed to successfully communicate or start a conversation about workplace diversity in a multicultural environment. Inclusion Solutions are training cards designed to create awareness and provide an easy introduction to many fundamental Diversity and Inclusion topics. Each topic is supported by research and thought-provoking questions that can be used as conversation starters for one-on-one coaching, self-reflection activities, as part of a formal professional development sessions, or even as a fun way to start your team meetings. These cards make a potentially difficult topic more approachable and help individuals create open dialogue around diversity within an organization.

The cards are divided into the following four topics:

  1. best practices,
  2. demographics,
  3. experience, and
  4. evidence.

How to Use the Cards

These cards have been created to assist with a potentially difficult conversation while supporting those conversations with research, data, and thought-provoking questions on fun and relatable D&I topics. Each card has a focus area like Women in Leadership, Veterans for Innovation and many more. Each topic includes review questions on the front to help anchor the learner on the topic selected. Rich insights and examples are provided in the body of the card to include data that helps support the learning. The information and data coupled with the questions will serve as a starting place for either having a dialogue about your business or a particular situation, sharing a perspective on the general topic, creating a mentoring program by incorporating the D&I lens, using research and data points or simply embracing the content and growing in your D&I competency.

To purchase the cards, please visit the SWE Store. Learn more about SWE’s Diversity & Inclusion resources at

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