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#GivingTuesday Program Profile: SWE Scholarship Fund

In our second of four #GivingTuesday Program Profiles, we feature the SWE Scholarship Fund which distributed $810,000 in scholarships this year.
Update: We Exceeded Our Goal And Raised $12k On #givingtuesday!

This year, #GivingTuesday is Tuesday, December 3, 2019.

SWE is kicking off our #GivingTuesday SWE Scholarship Fund distributed $810,000 in funding over 230 women to pursue degrees in engineering and technology.

While many scholarships are funded through endowed funds or corporate support, the generosity of those who give general funding to the SWE Scholarship Fund is vital to ensuring SWE can continue to increase the number of scholarships it awards each year.

SWE Scholarships support women pursuing ABET-accredited bachelor or graduate student programs in preparation for careers in engineering, engineering technology and computer science in the United States. As noted by Jon Oliver’s show (Last Week, Tonight), SWE is one of the largest providers of scholarships just for women in the United States.

Want to join the list?

On #Giving Tuesday (12/3) login to your SWE Member Account and click Donate to SWE or follow this link here OR donate on SWE’s Facebook Page to make your #GivingTuesday gift.

Thank you to FY19 & FY20 donors for the SWE Scholarship Fund:

Alaa Shaker Jackson Roman Lorraine Lott
Alya Elhawary Jane Ann Lamph Lydia Watt
Amanda J. Weissman Jane L. Driscoll Lynne C. Hannen
Angela Nickels Janice Miller Maggie Raife
Antonella Giovannetti Jay Jensen Marcia Spater
Barbara J Brockett Jeannette Rodriguez Margaret J. Ludowese
Barbara J. Buck Jennifer Dowe Lynch Marilou Claire J. Noriel
Bart Moore Jennifer Field Marisa Spinelli
Ben Burr Jennifer McFerran Brock Mary Fan
Betsy J. Wood Jeremy & Kim Clayton Mary M Szorik
Birute Irena Jurjonas Jessica A. Rannow Mary Virginia Stubbs
Casey Doran Jessica L. Asay Matthew Kade
Charles Yex Jim and Gretchen Guenter Michelle Harper
Christina Drouet Joel T Patterson Michelle Lott
Colleen Tichich John and Phyllis Schlotterer Michelle Pangborn
Cynthia J. Matthews Jonathan Eklund Michelle Pascual
Dan Picard Jonna C. Gerken Moriah S. Thompson
David Kotsonis Judith E. Nelson Pamela M. Morison
David Rundle Judy Martinez Patricia M. Knight
Dayna R. Johnson Julie Slowiak Rachelle Suich
Deborah G. Willems Karen and Andy Reiff Raymond Nguyen
Deborah Guerrette Main Karen M. Conmy Robert Bowdidge
Debra L. Nelson Kari Hosey Ruth M. Hupprich
Diane M. Budzik Katherine Pierret Allen Sallie Miller
Diane Mellor Katherine Threlkeld Sami Kennedy
Donna D. Kottwitz Kathryn Woodcock Sarah Gilmore
Douglas Ellison Keith Kilpatrick Shamoyita DasGupta
Elaine Louise Reeves Kelly and Richard Arbanas Sharon M. Kimizuka
Emily Margaret Deas Kim E. O’Rourke Shell Oil Company Foundation
Emily Michele Dixon Kim Shoemaker Shelly Ann Dutler
Emmaline Davis Kirk and Michol Atwater Stephanie Lynn DeCotiis
Esther E. Jimenez Kristen Brosnan Susan Lui
Gail Jean Dyer Larry and Mary Steichen Thomas Burkholder
Gail Klopfer Lilith A. Terry Trevor Ham
Gina Janke Linda Freeman Valeta Carol Chancey
Greg Senner Linda K. Lanham Vanessa Li
Heath Yarbrough Lisa R Rafferty YourCause
Heather A. Doty Lori Lott Yvonne L. Simms


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