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Managing Summer Transitions

Get outside and have some fun! But also make some time to pursue your educational interests. You'll be happy you did!
Managing Summer Transitions - summer

Summer is a great opportunity to get valuable work and volunteer experience. Consider shadowing an engineer to see what they do on a typical day and see if it interests you. And be sure to check out any STEM events or camps in your area!

Here are some other helpful tips for your class year:


  • Plan out your high school classes – get an idea of what classes you want to take that will fulfill graduation requirements and help you get ahead for college.
  • Include AP/IB/Cambridge courses to get ahead with college credit.  Learn more here!


  • Start looking into colleges – determine what is important to you for a major and college experience.


  • Study for/take the PSAT/ACT/SAT.
  • Research colleges – determine what programs you want to consider for the type of engineering/technology industry you are interested in.


  • Visit college campuses in person.
  • Look into diversity programs at schools – many have programs that allow prospective seniors to experience a day in the life of an engineering student.


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