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Your Insider Guide to SWE Finances: Roles & Responsibilities

Wish you had a 'Finance Friend' on speed dial? Look no further ...
Your Insider Guide to SWE Finances: Transitions - SWE finances

“I thought you did that.”

This is not what any leader in any organization wants to hear. Pretend you are really busy and have turned your finances over to someone else to watch while you concentrate on other things. What would you expect them to deliver to you? An agreement on what expenses you expected over the next year? How much is expected in income? If these things were ever out of balance? A back stop to make sure no overspending was occurring? The treasurer is the designated person responsible for drafting a budget and getting a finalized budget with the input of the leadership team. Making sure finance reports are done for the Society level organization and the section leaders, getting the tax filing done (don’t panic! more info in the next post), facilitating discussion on section priorities, and transitioning smoothly to the new treasurer at the end of term.

Many of these actions are critical to a smoothly operating organization. Treasurers should never stand alone. Your section president should be your partner. They can help with getting information you require and should be working with you to make sure that key steps are done in a timely manner. A huge part of your job is communication and facilitation. To help you out, the finance committee has put together some key tools to help you out.  A finance manual can be found on the SWE finance website. This is a comprehensive document that outlines roles and responsibilities early in the document. We also have a presentation so you can sit down with your section leaders and be clear on what is required when. The last thing any of us want is for our section to be saying, “I thought you did that.”

Next time, we’ll cover the most stress inducing subject for new treasurers: tax filings. We, the grizzled veterans, know this is not stressful, and we will explain when you check back next time.

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