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Quick Guide On Entering Engineering As A STEM Ambassador

Quick Guide On Entering Engineering As A STEM Ambassador -

Looking to step into the world of engineering? Good news! You can!

Volunteering as a STEM Ambassador is one of the best ways to start a career in engineering. In this quick guide, we’ll explore the following: 

  •     What STEM Ambassadors are
  •     What they do
  •     Why it’s beneficial to become one, AND
  •     How to become one

Define STEM Ambassador

“The acronym ‘STEM’ stands for the disciplines science, technology, engineering, and math,” says Jason Callaway, a business writer at Origin Writings and Write my X. “Since STEM involves engineering, being a STEM Ambassador gives you the tools and experience of working in that field. As a STEM Ambassador, you’re essentially working with young people by bringing real-life industry experience to life and educating them about STEM-related careers and opportunities.”

Qualifications To Become A STEM Ambassador

“When applying to become a STEM Ambassador, you must be at least 17 years or older, have working knowledge of STEM skills, and be comfortable with working with young people,” says Laura Carmichael, a marketing blogger at 1 Day 2 write and Brit Student. “As part of the application process, you’ll need to carry out an induction, and then complete an enhanced DBS check. Plus, you’ll need to participate in at least one STEM-related activity each year, whether it’s a classroom visit, a youth group visit, a career events, or other related activities.”

What Do STEM Ambassadors Do?

STEM Ambassadors participate in many indoor and outdoor activities with young people. As you teach children both in- and outside of the classroom, you’ll have them learn and embrace STEM subjects in many ways. Remember: Students aren’t the only ones learning about STEM; you, the Ambassador, will be learning something too! 

With that said, you’ll be required to get involved in some of the following STEM-related activities:

  •     Career events and fairs
  •     Networking events
  •     Supporting STEM lessons in classes 
  •     School-run STEM clubs
  •     STEM-related youth groups
  •     Advising teachers or practical support for STEM projects
  •     Science fairs, etc.

By getting involved in such activities, you’re building your engineering resume, when it comes to demonstrating your abilities in STEM to prospective employers.

Why Be A STEM Ambassador?

STEM Ambassadors are essential in promoting STEM education to address the skills gap. According to a June 2019 study done by SHRM, more than 500,000 STEM-related jobs went unfilled, thus creating a skills gap in that field. That’s why STEM Ambassadors are needed, to bring young people into the world of industries like engineering, so that the gap is filled. 

Plus, when young people are exposed to how STEM is applied in the real world, and how beneficial it can be, that can make them more curious about the topic, and would most likely want to learn more. More interested youngsters mean more attraction to the industry. 

As with any volunteering opportunity, being a STEM Ambassador exposes you to various scenarios and events, including:

  •     Visiting young people in schools (and other related places and institutions) to raise awareness about STEM
  •     Advising students to make well thought-out career decisions
  •     Advising teachers on how to bring STEM into their classrooms, and so on.

As a result, you, yourself, will learn about STEM as well. So, you’ll develop new skills, if you haven’t done so already. As mentioned before, with many STEM-related jobs popping up and being unfilled, this would be a great opportunity to make your way into industries like engineering. 

How to Apply to Become a Stem Ambassador

To apply to be a STEM Ambassador, visit


So, there you have it!

Being a STEM Ambassador comes with many benefits, and it can help you work your way toward going into a career in engineering. Whether you’re interested in working in the industry, or want to take part in it as a hobby, then being a STEM Ambassador is your ticket there!

To recap, this quick guide has shown you:

  •     The definition of a STEM Ambassador
  •     What STEM Ambassadors do
  •     Why being a STEM Ambassador is a good thing, AND
  •     How you can apply to be a STEM Ambassador

So, if you’re into engineering, and you’re comfortable with working with young people in learning about STEM, then you can get started in your career today by becoming a STEM Ambassador! Who knows? You might inspire the next generation of engineers!

Good luck!

Kendra Beckley is a writer and editor at Write my essay and Dissertation writing service. She is also a contributing writer for Next Coursework. As a business development expert, she helps companies enter a new market and build long-term relationships with partners.


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