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Society of Women Engineers MIT-WPU Affiliate: Redvocate

Society of Women Engineers MIT-WPU Affiliate: Redvocate -

Every year on March 8th, we recognize and celebrate women, the spirit of womanhood and their contributions in various facets of life. This year SWE MIT-WPU Affiliate hosted the International Women’s Day with two main themes in mind. One being the UN given theme “Gender Equality Today for a Sustainable Tomorrow”. The other being a theme of our own, a theme to start a new movement Redvocate.

We had some fun events to cheer up the crowd and look back on significant successes women amassed in different industries over the years. We held a brief quiz on our Instagram social page, where we posted poll questions about women in STEM from the previous seven days. On the day itself, we held a short riveting round. This quiz was created by SWE MIT- WPU Affiliate to honor female scientists who have made a difference in the world. It was created with the goal of fostering informal science education.

Our second event, Smart Seek, was created with the goal of allowing everyone to exhibit their poster-making skills while also celebrating STEM accomplishments. The competition’s theme is to present a poster on an innovative concept or cutting-edge technology in one of the many sectors that fall under the STEM umbrella.

We are nearing a critical juncture in history, when the world will “demand” diversity, equity, and inclusion. Yet in this race, we often forget the struggles and issues we face. One of them being a monthly issue. We believe that menstrual leaves are a basic right for the people who really have a hard time during their periods, so much that it disrupts their daily routines. And so, this year, we’ve introduced “REDVOCATE”, our official period leave campaign!

This campaign stresses on the necessity for period leaves. The aim is to spread awareness to the uninformed about the hardships that menstruators experience and to work towards a more equitable workplace. The campaign was very well received by the audience.

There was a healthy discussion followed after the campaign brief where both the positive and negative outlook to the campaign were addressed at length by our President Vaidehi Thakre. From giants like Flipkart to unicorns and evolving startups like Swiggy and Zomato recognizing the importance of taking steps towards an inclusive environment for all the diversity around, we hope to be a small part of this journey of breaking stereotypes and creating an equitable workplace and world.


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