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Women in Government Affinity Group

Read on to learn more about SWE's Women in Government (WIG) Affinity Group.
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The mission of the SWE Women in Government (WIG) Affinity Group is to support and address career-specific demands of SWE members who work for or are interested in careers in the public sector.  The WIG’s mission includes the following goals:

  1. Work across geographic borders to link experts with similar interests.
  2. Praise the accomplishments and efforts of female engineers who hold public office or participate in public service.
  3. Highlight SWE advantages to members who are employed in the public sector
  4. Provide career information, training, and mentoring for engineers interested in or currently working in the public sector
  5. Improve engagement with government agencies to support the hiring of women engineers for public positions.
  6. Create and publish speaking opportunities for women engineers in government at SWE meetings and conferences.

The leaders of the SWE Women in Government Group are Jenna Lynn Henderson, PE, PMP (she/her/hers) and Jennifer Dalzell (she/her/hers).  If you would like additional information about the Women in Government Group, please send a message and join our news feed.

What are our goals?

  •  Strategic Goal #1 – Professional Development Excellence
    • WIG seeks to provide practical and effective professional development opportunities that meet the unique experiences of SWE members working in the public sector.
  • Strategic Goal #2 – Globalization
    • Provide a forum for all public sector employees to meet and network from all geographical locations.
  • Strategic Goal #3 – Advocacy
    • Empower SWE members working in the public sector to further their careers and to act as mentors.
  • Strategic Goal #4 – Diversity, Equity & Inclusion
    • Provide SWE members with the opportunities to engage with members from diverse backgrounds and encourage a more inclusive culture.

How can I join?

To connect with us, please join our mailing list (you can sign-up via the Communication Preferences in your member profile), LinkedIn or Facebook page.



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