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SWEet Gratitude  

Read on to learn more about how you can share your appreciation for organizations during this season of thanks.
SWEet Gratitude   -

The month of November is upon us and we are approaching a period often deemed as a holiday season with many well celebrated holidays occurring over the next several months. This month brings the holiday of Thanksgiving which allows people to reflect on what they are thankful for and often can result people expressing gratitude in various ways. 

In the spirit of gratitude, we can take a moment to show appreciation for efforts of organizations like SWE and the impacts to our careers, education, and professional networks. So how can we exactly show appreciation?  

Well first, we can continue to grow SWE by sharing this organization with others including women studying or pursuing a career in science and engineering. Increasing SWE’s membership can help grow SWE’s influence and ultimately advance women at all stages of their careers. 

Secondly, we can continue to engage in SWE community. We can engage in conversations held by knowledgeable experts whether in podcasts, during local or annual conferences or of course courses offered from the considerable content from the Advance Learning Center. Or if you have a topic to share with our SWE community, consider being a future speaker at a WE or WE local event. 

Lastly, you can join SWE committees! There are so many committees to volunteer for SWE such as the Membership committee. You can assist in the preparation of proposed strategic membership programs and evaluate membership retainment goals. One of the initiatives of the membership committee includes the Mentoring Facilitation Work Group which is open to all SWE members interested in mentoring resources. More on the SWE mentoring network, programs and work groups can be found here.  

Another committee to consider could be Integrated Marketing Advisory Board (IMAB) which serves as a resource SWE group on brand awareness and usage so that SWE’s image is consistent and leveraged for the benefit of SWE and its members. IMAB is always looking at input to improve marketing and branding for SWE, developing social media training materials and proposing ideas to SWE’s Public Relations Team. If there are ideas, be sure to consider applying to serve on these committees and so much more.   

You too can show your SWEet Gratitude this year. 


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