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“Wow! That’s Engineering” – Inspiring the Next Generation in India Towards STEM

Sameera Shaikh, FY23 Global Ambassador, shares insights on her events conducted at two schools in Maharashtra, as part of this year’s Ambassador project.

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An exciting fun-filled event was conducted at Pearl Drop School Pune (PDS) and Begum Qamrunnisa Karigar Girls High School (BQKS) Solapur for the first time in December 2022. Over 100 girls participated from grades 8-9.The events aimed to engage students in scientific activities and spread awareness about STEM education in the community as well as instill interest of students in the STEM field and navigate their careers to take up technical professions. STEM prepares students for life through skills like critical thinking, analysis and problem solving, regardless of the profession they choose to follow.

The Events kicked off with a warm welcome note from the School teacher and Principal and included a motivational talk, introduction to SWE, hands-on STEM activity with electrical generation and magnetic levitation kits and a quiz. The event at Pearl Drop School was hosted by Fouzia Khan (Ex Airline software trainer). The motivational talk and hands-on STEM activity was conducted by SWE Global Ambassador Sameera Shaikh and a quiz was conducted by Falisha khan (Pursuing Physiotherapy). Saif Shaikh volunteered to conduct kit demos and help students build the kits. Similarly, followed at BQKS at Solapur school as well.

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Photo of students participating in STEM kits activity

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The hands-on activity with STEM kits, were conducted in groups. The generator kit helped to explain how dynamo and spinning wheels help in electricity generation. The magnetic levitation kit explained Maglev Train operation. These activities drove a lot of engagement, inquisitiveness and overall simplifying concepts of Flemmings right-hand rule, magnetic field, and other applications of energy.

The events emphasized that technology is continually evolving, meaning that there will always be opportunities within STEM fields for future generations and participation in this change would ultimately help in developing oneself and society at large. One key aspect of outreach events is also to provide mentorship to the next generation.

The event was an attempt to illustrate clear paths forward for young girls and provide visibility crucial to retaining women in STEM to develop “the catalysts for change” who will imagine and create a better world for us.

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Certificates were provided to students who participated

The events were a huge success as we witnessed cheerful faces during the activities and the students expressed extreme gratitude for such an opportunity. A few students signed up as  ‘Friends of SWE’, as a way to build on their interest in opportunities in the fields of engineering and technology.

We have had many memorable moments during the event, eliciting some of the testimony from student’s Banafsha, Shanum and Madeeha from Pearl Drop & Munazza Sarodgi, that are a true motivation for the team to continue with our work.

“It was an amazing experience, it motivated me a lot towards engineering.”

“Team really developed our interest in science. It motivated us to pursue our career in STEM. We had a fun time and learned amazing concepts in a fun and easy way. Thank you, SWE!”

“A very inspiring event and it was quite creative. Thank you for organizing this event.”

“We enjoyed this activity a lot. We have learned concepts of science from this activity & also how important teamwork and time management are.”

The events concluded with an opportunity for students to share their feedback on the experience.We extend a heartwarming thanks to the School staff and SWE India for their help and efforts for the noble cause.

Event Details:

Location: Pearl Drop School, Pune, Maharashtra, India

Date: 10 December, 2022

Participants: 40 students


Begum Qamrunnisa Karigar Girls High School, Solapur, Maharashtra, India

Date: 24 December, 2022

Participants: 80 students

Heartfelt Appreciation & Gratitude to School Staff:

Mariya Dawasaz , Zenus Parker, Principal Neerjakumari, & Vice President Ishrat Auti  (Pearl Drop School Pune)

Jameel Daccani & Principal Sameena Ingalgi (Begum Qamrunnisa Karigar Girls High School)


  • Sameera Shaikh

    Sameera Shaikh works at John Deere India, and is currently responsible for Regional Shared services for Parts Supply Chain which includes support to India, China, SE Asia, Europe, Brazil & US PDCs and is the FY22 SWE Global Ambassador from India. She also has the responsibility of leading the John Deere India’s women affinity group creating an inclusive & diverse work culture. She has a broad spectrum of experiences in field of supply management, operations, IT, planning and project management with 18 plus industry experience. She is a strong believer that women are capable and should strive to create success stories that help the entire community overcome the prevalent unconscious biases/work stereotypes and encourage more females to join fields of engineering, technology, and research.